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Quiet Dinner on the Westside

Going with friends to dinner on Friday night. Any ideas for a restaurant that is moderately priced and on the quiet side? Santa Monica, West L A , Venice or the Marina are all fine. Any type of food although great Italian would be fantastic.

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  1. Guido's http://www.guidosla.com/ is quiet and we like the food but "moderately priced" is not a precise term that means the same thing to everyone.

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      Guidos is a good idea and very close to me. Moderate meaning not more than $25 without drinks and alcohol

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        I love Guido's! Great suggestion.

      2. My pick for you, for great Italian fare: Cafe Angelino, near 3rd & Robertson (by Cedars-Sinai).

        Il Moro in West LA may also fit the bill.

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          the last time i went to il moro for just cappucino and dessert, the tab after tax BEFORE tip came to over $20/pp.
          dunno that i'd consider this "moderately priced," but since the OP didn't give us a specific number, might be ok. . . .

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            Wow, Il Moro has raised their prices since my last visit!

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            Il Moro's quality has severely gone downhill the last couple of years IMO. We used to go there regularly before the menu revamp and decline.

          3. Another thought is the excellent Japanese tapas at Morinoya, located at Olympic & Sawtelle.

            1. La Bruschetta on Westwood. Quiet, very reasonable and excellent food and service.

              1. Sor Tino @908 S Barrington Ave In Brentwood, just above S.M.
                Quiet, moderately priced, good service and good food that is authentic Italian; we enjoy the
                Caprese, fish and pizzas. We don't eat meat, so can't comment. To me, Sor Tino is your
                best bet for what you have indicated. Toscano is a great little restaurant, a little pricey, but
                your chances of seeing Sharon Stone are really good!
                www.toscanabrentwood.com/ - Cached - Similar
                11633 San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles
                (310) 820-2448

                Osteria Latini

                11712 San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles
                (310) 826-9222

                Vincenti Ristorante
                www.vincentiristorante.com/ - Cached - Similar
                11930 San Vicente Boulevard, Brentwood
                (310) 207-012
                11628 Barrington Court, Los Angeles
                (310) 476-7379


                11714 Barrington Court, Los Angeles
                (310) 472-0886


                Caffe Luxxe
                11975 San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles
                (310) 394-2222

                Personally, every good Italian restaurant seems to be in Brentwood. I recommend Toscano and
                also Vincenti Ristaurante. Go to Brentwood, definitely. Not too late to make a reservation now!

                1. Pastina on Westwood Blvd. near Olympic is quiet and has very good Italian, a full bar and is reasonably priced.

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                    Tlapazola Grill on Venice? Not super quiet, but good. I also really like the Nook on the of Santa Monica and Barry. Ask for a quieter booth. Midpriced, always good.

                  2. Not sure if the price is right but I consider Hostaria del Picolo on Broadway and 6th in Santa Monica quite good (very typical upscale pizza joint for Milan, says my Milanese Italian teacher). They also have pastas, fish, steak, etc., lots of sides. I think you can have pizza and a salad or appetizer and possibly a glass of wine for around $25 (not sure to be honest), and it's a fun, casually trendy sort of place to go with friends. I wouldn't call it quiet but I've always been able to carry on a conversation there without a problem.

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                      We've been twice, and maybe because both times it was on Saturday nights, but the place was unbearably loud (and if specifically looking for a quiet place to dine would most definitely NOT be my choice).

                    2. If you want quiet and outstanding Italian at a reasonable price, the answer is definitely Caffe Carrera. One of the best kept secrets in LA.

                      Sure, it's a little bit east of where you're looking, but you won't find a crowd and will find truly great food. The soups are fantastic, his pastas amazing, and he does a white pizza with ricotta and prosciutto that's out of this freaking world. I cannot recommend it enough.

                      Some people don't like it because the owner isn't the world's most gregarious chap, but the service is fine. It's not like you have long waits or don't get your drink refilled or anything.

                      I wish more people would go there. The food is that good. Oh, and one other bonus, there are no parking issues. There's a lot right next to adjacent to a Starbucks where you can park for free.

                      1. La Bruscetta on Westwood Blvd at Massachusetts has wonderful food, very quiet, nice ambiance and service. Guido's is off our list - indifferent food, sloppy service.

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                          I have to say our last meal at Guido's about a month ago was solid, and the service (which has always been very professional) was excellent. They know how to cook pasta right (although they do tend to over dress it) and I like the fact that my seafood dishes are also cooked correctly. There is a tendency at places around town to put the shrimp or the fish in with the pasta too soon and overcook it. Not at Guido's.

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                            I'm with you on both La Bruschetta (thumbs up) and Guido's (thumbs down).

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                              I'd definitely put La Bruscetta over Guido's. Way over.

                            2. Sam's by the Beach (Santa Monica Canyon) is a good choice too. (in Santa Monica Canyon, 30 yards from PCH.

                              Cafe Delfini's across the street is both solid Italian, reasonable and fairly quiet. It's pretty unassuming. Great warm seafood salad - which has now been copied around town.

                              Maison Giraud in the Palisades is quiet and fairly reasonable.

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                                I agree with Sam's as well as La Bruschetta.

                                And where did flowergirl (OP) end up?