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May 30, 2012 01:52 PM

cantonese seafood: keung kee vs kam fung

if price is to be ignored, and the focus in on the fresh seafood cantonese style, which one is better? specifically, in terms of freshness, variety, use of MSG, excessive oil, etc?

other suggestions welcome too, for cantonese seafood

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  1. I've only ever had dim sum at Maison Kam Fung and found it to be very good, as well as the Cantonese food at Keung Kee. I like Mon Nan for seafood, perhaps a little less since they moved. I think Deer Garden has good classic lobster as well, and Maison VIP practically deep-fries their lobster so that's quite delicious if you don't mind. Restaurant Beijing is good for chili and salt fried mixed seafood. This things do vary with the chefs though and day of the week. Good luck!

    1. keung kee has some of the freshest seafood in china town. also unlike other cantonese restaurants, they use a relatively light tough i.e., they let the seafood speak for itself.

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        I ordered a cuttle fish in black bean sauce the other day and was served that rubbery unidentifiable generic white tube shaped substance that's machine-carved into pineapple like ridges and must surely come from a can. It was utterly tasteless and disgusting, and does not resemble anything similar to a cuttle fish in size, shape, texture, flavor, etc.