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you are granted a magical wish

To have a meal of anything at all you wish
Didnt wanna start a " last meal " thread..it seems..idk..creepy
But the food fairy says anything at all to drink..eat
From your mamas chicken soup to a bag of beef jerky
gallons of wine...a perfect steak
What do you choose?
For extra fun you may include any guests..dead or alive..any setting..music
its your magic wish!

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  1. mizzdee, actually, a last meal thread already exists...and it was fascinating to read.

    dinner with Keith Richards, lunch with Marge Piercy and breakfast at a diner with Charles Bukowski...meals,

    dinner: beautifully cooked t bone steak, loads of red wine

    lunch: peaches and spinach salad, rum runners and chocolate covered berries

    the diner: black coffee, hashbrowns, runny eggs and rice pudding

    a girl can dream

    eta: this sandwich with any of my guests

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    1. re: HillJ

      Aww raspberries
      Oh well..with mine you can still be around the next day..lol
      if anyone on is newer and missed that one..post away
      I dont wish to be redundant..so ignore if you choose
      Some threads do tend to get posted to death.
      Btw..yours sounded so interesting

      1. re: mizzdee

        heck no, i'm not discouraging you. go for it-and thanks!

    2. A fantastic Paella in the company of the victoria's secret models.

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      1. re: twyst

        now that IS a very interesting choice of menu considering the models usually eat air. :)

        1. re: HillJ

          More for twyst! After all, they're there for the COMPANY, not for dining companionship!

        2. re: twyst

          I'll take a grilled cheese sandwich in the company of Victoria's secret models!

          1. re: ctfoodguy

            As long as we're eating in the company of Victoria's Secret models, I'll take a can of spray whipped cream and chocolate sauce, please....

        3. Just to be clear...did this food fairy previously reside in Judgement City ("Defending Your Life")? If so, and I can eat as much as I want and never feel full or gain weight, I'd like the *entire* tuna casserole, please. Nothing more than a pepper grinder and a fork needed as accompaniements. And, we're talking old school TC...Kraft Mac & Cheese, canned tuna, canned peas and a gelatinous glop of Cream of Mushroom soup.

          I know I may get my 'hound privileges revoked, but that's my wish. Maybe throw in a nice bottle of French Chablis and some guilty pleasure on the tube. Ahhhh, heaven.

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          1. re: Christina D

            Tuna casserole imho is an invention of all things yummy and magical
            i so love it

            1. re: mizzdee

              and it's YOUR wish Christina D - more power to ya!

              1. re: mizzdee

                <all things yummy and magical> Love this, and love the much-maligned classic Tuna noodle casserole. With frozen peas, thank you kindly.

                1. re: mamachef

                  I add frozen peas as an upgrade. :o)

            2. I want to have one more Christmas with my family again. I want all of my aunts and uncles and my grandparents and Ma and Daddy to be there. We would have rye bread, kielbasa, antipasto, chicken wings, a fruit and cheese tray and all the hodge podge of stuff we used to have when I was a kid.

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              1. re: pinehurst

                That's beautiful pinehurst. Hodge podge is my fav food group.

                1. re: pinehurst

                  That's great, piney. What I wouldn't give for just one more homemade fried chicken dinner made by my grandma, with grandpa, mom and dad, my aunts, uncles and cousins all crowded into the dining room.

                  1. re: pinehurst

                    Well jeez, didnt this post make me feel like a terrible human being for choosing the victoria's secret models :p

                    1. re: twyst

                      Why? I'm sure they're fascinating.... conversationalists.

                      1. re: twyst

                        plus, they'll be someone's grandmother someday too...

                      2. re: pinehurst

                        Wow, Pinehurst, that's an awesome sentiment, I'd be Christmas Eve and the menu would be my Grandmom's 7 fishes, Aunt Carmella's cannoli's, figs, nuts in the shell, grandpop peeling the orange in one long strip w/ his pocket knife, off to mass and then grandpop's home made sausages and pasta at midnight and then some Italian Rum cake
                        lots of home made red wine (i'm an adult now, right I can have more than a juice glass) and espresso w/ a side of limoncello or Strega at the very end

                      3. If I had unending gustatory capacity and could get this all down in one meal:
                        Grandma Mimi's Matzo ball soup
                        Grandma Mimi's blintzes, strawberry jam
                        Grandma Mimi's Brisket. OMG.
                        Grandma Ida's Heavenly Hash Chocolate Candy. Nope, she was no renegade. She used "hash" in the old-fashioned sense; a mixture. It was like rocky road and was magnificent and I can't find a recipe.
                        Chicken Toscana, made by Chuck Hunsaker, side of plain penne with hand-grated parmesan
                        Pastrami sandwich/glass beer from Mac's.
                        CFS and gravy, by Norm Carver
                        Peanut butter cookies by me
                        Ma Po Tofu, from the Bowl
                        My dad's ribs
                        Lori's oven-baked parmesan potato wedges
                        Who with? Everyone I've ever loved who's not "of the world" anymore. And Hunter Thompson, and Eleanor Roosevelt. And Gilda Radner.

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                        1. re: mamachef

                          Holy wishlist, mamachef! That's a mouthful.

                        2. I have answered the last meal question and even written a blog about it, but I'm going to go with the fantasy of the meals, as you instructed and not go with decadent meals necessarily.

                          Breakfast (Brunch - I'm sleeping in if it's a fantasy). With my Mom (RIP), Dad & Brother
                          Hot French Roast/Mexican blended coffee from Sahadi's in Brooklyn
                          Sesame Bagel hot from Scarsdale Bagels with beefsteak tomato, onion cream cheese and lox

                          Lunch with good friends sitting in Maine or New Hampshire
                          Buckets of steamers and ice cold beer

                          Snack - with my mother's parents in their kitchen, I'm six years old
                          Strawberries dipped in powdered sugar

                          Dinner - With my family (mom cooking)
                          To start - sashimi and escargot
                          Anything she perfected better than any restaurant could have made
                          Paella, moussaka, coq au vin, sauerbraten, jambalaya, and pretty much anything else

                          Dessert - with my family
                          Fine wines and port with an assortment of wonderful cheeses
                          Camembert, assorted soft goat cheeses and a nice English Stilton to finish with the port

                          1. breakfast w/my father (RIP) ~~ hash browns well done, eggs over medium, small ham steak, butter, peanut butter, jelly with whole wheat toast and a cup or 5 of good black coffee.

                            Lunch w/my mother (RIP) ~~ her stuffed pork chops and scalloped potatoes

                            Dinner ~~ w/my grandparents (RIP) ~~ my grandmother's pot roast with all the fixings at their kitchen table. Me using ketchup/my grandfather using horseradish and my grandmother complaining that we are ruining her food. :~|

                            1. To start - asparagus, hollandaise

                              Fish course - potted shrimps

                              Main course - traditional roast lamb dinner - lamb shoulder, peas, carrots, roast potatoes, gravy, mint sauce

                              Dessert - "fruits of the forest" ice cream (as made by that little place in Bardolino)

                              And, finally, strong espresso, large glass of Calvados, two Rothmans

                              Absolutely perfect.

                              1. Going out to Dim Sum with my father. Or going out for mussels with my father. Damn I miss him...

                                1. Breakfast
                                  6 strips extra crispy bacon
                                  Cheese grits
                                  Capn crunch ceral
                                  Toast..toasted well ..buttered
                                  Grandmas strawberry jam and corn cob jelly
                                  pitchers of mimosas...
                                  Bloody mary at the end

                                  My mothers cheese straws
                                  Her sausage balls
                                  Extra dry extra dirty martinis

                                  Grilled cheese sandwich..white bread..orange cheese
                                  Daddys catfish stew
                                  Dessert..banana pudding
                                  Coke ice cold to drink

                                  Snack same snack as after breakfast

                                  Lobster w melted butter....
                                  red wine
                                  Steak grilled by my father
                                  Chocolate ice cream for dessert

                                  To nosh on all day
                                  Cheese and crackers
                                  Herrs brand jalapeno poppers
                                  Ice cold coke
                                  Extra dry extra dirty martinis
                                  hot n spicy chex mix..all but cereal squares removed

                                  Music...bluegrass, phish, grateful dead, rolling stones mix
                                  Daddy( rip)
                                  Grandma( rip)
                                  Step father
                                  Father in law
                                  sister in law
                                  Friends..K, K,M,P,W,
                                  mother in law
                                  Alton Brown
                                  Hugh Laurie
                                  Jerry Garcia
                                  Movies in background
                                  Alice in wonderland
                                  O brother where art thou
                                  Ghost world
                                  Eat drink man woman
                                  Wild wonderful whites of WV

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                                    1. re: mizzdee

                                      Alice in Wonderland--- the cartoon or with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter?

                                      1. re: dyal1

                                        The cartoon...and a few other versions
                                        But not....not not the depp as mad hatter

                                        1. re: mizzdee

                                          ed wynn (voice of the hatter in 1951 animated) is the only mad hatter.

                                          "yes. you can always take MORE of nothing"

                                          1. re: mizzdee

                                            oo oo.. do the Czech version from 1988, too!

                                            1. re: mizzdee

                                              Lol, the movie with Depp is a very different version. I love Alice and Wonderland, so I had to ask. :-)

                                              1. re: dyal1

                                                I am an alice phreak! Soo....yeah
                                                I wont geek out and look like a weirdo...
                                                The depp as mad hatter..idk
                                                This wasnt really alice in wonderland to me
                                                and im happy burton didnt attempt to redo it
                                                What he did was another animal alltogether..and it was ok for what it was

                                                1. re: mizzdee

                                                  Haha :-) I actually read the book because of the attention the new (at the time) version was attracting, so it has a special place in my heart. I agree, it was not the same story as the book Alice in Wonderland at all. :-)

                                                  1. re: dyal1

                                                    I collect all things Alice..books included
                                                    Diff versions so to speak

                                        2. pre-breakfast:
                                          plain greek yogurt mixed with crunchy almond butter and blueberries
                                          plain croissant
                                          black coffee

                                          2nd meal/Breakfast:
                                          spinach mushroom red pepper chevre avocado chive omelette
                                          home fries with plenty o' tabasco, sour cream and oregano
                                          lightly toasted whole wheat with butter and apricot-raspberry jam
                                          spicy linguica
                                          cornmeal lemon ricotta pancakes with a liberal amount of apple cinnamon curd spread over
                                          oranges slices, kiwi and cantaloupe

                                          medium rare fatty burger built from bottom up in this order: bottom bun (toasted), best foods mayo, beefsteak tomato, iceberg lettuce, patty (shaped with plenty o' S&P and chopped white onion and parsley), caramelized vidalia onion, chopped jalapenos, aged white cheddar (making sure to add the vidalia and jalapenos on top of the patty when it's cooking so that when I add the cheese, it melts over those two ingredients), runny fried egg, dijon mustard mixed with a lil' more mayo, top bun (toasted). THAT is my perfect burger...
                                          potato salad with tons of paprika
                                          onion rings with a selection of different dips, namely, ranch, mustard, bbq sauce, and malt vinegar
                                          chocolate peanut butter banana malt shake

                                          Late afternoon snack would be a bowl of cereal that is now discontinued; Newman's Own cranberry macadamia nut crunch cereal with almond milk.

                                          chicken/beef/olive/cheese/onion empanadas
                                          Super burrito with everything except the beans...so wheat tortilla, spanish rice, CHILE VERDE PORK, sour cream, guacamole, onion, cheese, tomato, cilantro, and lots of salsa.
                                          shrimp cocktail with louie sauce
                                          corn on the cob with butter, salt, pepper and garlic powder
                                          chips and HOT salsa
                                          Mexican beer with Lime

                                          A couple hours later / about an hour before bed:
                                          boston cream pie
                                          Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream
                                          cinnamon apple sauce

                                          everything in the company of friends, except the 2nd meal/Breakfast, which would only be reserved for mom and me; and as music, Skinny Puppy playing in the background.

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                                          1. re: circustance

                                            I want to add boston cream pie. I forget about boston cream pie. I love boston cream pie. thanks for mentioning boston cream pie.

                                          2. Also assuming I wake up in the middle of the night, my post-midnight snack would be two large fried corn bread squares, one slathered with butter, creamed honey, and jalapeno jelly, the other submerged in a tall glass of buttermilk and eaten with a spoon.

                                            PS - I'm only 5'5 and weigh ~130 lbs. so this is all assuming that I could eat all day and not gain an ounce.

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                                            1. re: circustance

                                              Oooh, cornbread and buttermilk! I may have landed in New England 30 years ago, but my Virginia heart still cries out for cornbread and buttermilk. And the cornbread squares fried up in bacon grease, yes!

                                            2. First, I think i'd go a different route than what everyone else has mentioned. id want to be the one at the stove/cutting board/mixer for all this. cooking it for close friends and family.

                                              breakfast: Pecan sticky buns; a good cheesy, garden of an omelette, and banana granola chocolate chip pancakes smothered in almond butter

                                              lunch: pizza party!! roasted veggie pizza, bbq chicken pizza, and a cheesy,, gooey chicken and artichoke calzone

                                              dinner: homemade pasta with a super long cooking ragu. preferably short rib, lamb, or rabbit. with lots of good crusty garlic bread

                                              dessert: (in my wish, these last all day) homemade dark chocolate resees, at least four flavors of ice cream, giant, gooey, underbaked warm chocolate chip cookies, and plenty of fresh fruit

                                              oh and i WOULD allow mom to make her chicken and dumplings. because it rocks.

                                              note: if im going to restaurants, this changes drastically. starts with the fried banana sandwich at the breslin, the ouva modernese at locanda verde, then for lunch is the fried chicken biscuits at yardbird in miami, with a side of their cheesy grits, and for dinner, chicago style deep dish at Ginos east. between meals we'd stop at levain bakery for some cookies, Jeni's splendid for some ice cream, and 11th st annex in fort lauderdale for their banana cake! also, momofuku pork buns would have to make it in there somewhere... and there would have to be an endless supply of thick cut, crispy bacon...

                                              1. BREAKFAST--
                                                Four loosely scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast
                                                with small servings of the following
                                                fried kippers
                                                corn beef hash
                                                home fries

                                                Huge turkey pot pie that has dark and white meat and mushrooms in it and lots of peas
                                                Sauteed Swiss chard....lots of it
                                                A nice baby greens, spinach, mushroom, tomato salad with onion. Dressing is malt vinegar and olive oil
                                                BBQ wild salmon with a miso-honey sauce on the side
                                                Guinness on draft

                                                AFTERNOON SNACK
                                                unlimited raw oysters -----
                                                on the side to dress them as you please is horseradish, lemon, sriracha sauce, soy sauce
                                                assorted cold beer

                                                DINNER AT EIGHT
                                                High quality hot pastrami sandwich with pickled tomatoes on the side and Cel-Ray soda
                                                Pizza right out of the oven
                                                Prime rib (bone in of course) with mashed potatoes with best quality gravy on the side. Jewish style horseradish on the side
                                                Schweppes ginger ale plus some vodka to dose it to make an alcoholic ginger ale. Dittos with some top shelf root beer
                                                Some excellent Merlot andcabernet sauvignon
                                                Apple pie
                                                chocolate dessert of some kind

                                                Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood playing plus they could eat with me along with some other select invitees

                                                A swimming pool with wet bar.... to cool off in and work off some of the food. Plus a life guard to monitor those who drank too much

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                                                1. re: zzDan

                                                  there should be some cold fried chicken in the fridge (with some cole slaw) for when we get hungry in the middle of the night.

                                                  1. re: hyde

                                                    That would be nice. Just make it as un-greasy as possible. Made by a skilled cook. Cold fried chicken that was made the day before has that added dimension. Leftover cold tandoori chicken is very nice, I taste more of the flavors.

                                                    1. re: zzDan

                                                      i make a hell of a fried chicken. clapton is a little dark for a party like this (he craves silence when he is not performing), but bumping into say, sheryl crow raiding the fridge at 3am wouldnt be bad.

                                                2. Aw, these posts are so sentimental and sweet. If I could plan a fantasy meal it would include my grown kids, spouses and grands, but with my mom, restored to her right mind, and my dad, back from heaven. We'd eat the stuff we couldn't eat before and every one would get a choice: my mom would fix potato salad because she loved to and because one of my children loved it; my dad would eat sugar for once, and I remember he loved Hummingbird cake; Mr. Sueatmo loves pecan pie and so he would have that; I would opt for cheesecake, NY style, because I never eat it in real life; one child would fix grilled salmon for us; another would fix Paella; I would fix a roast chicken. Someone would grill asparagus and one of my kids would make Hollandaise for it.

                                                  Mr. Sueatmo would clean up, with the help of one of my kids who always helps and later would join my dad in front of a football or baseball game. The females would talk into the wee hours, and the guys would watch every sports game they could together.

                                                  Much later we'd send out for pizza.

                                                  1. You start the coolest threads. Now I am going to grab a pad and pen. And my mind is whirling away.

                                                    1. Seven course meal, Italian style, from all over my memory's place.

                                                      First: Caprese salad, with tomatoes and basil from my mom's garden in the backyard of the house I grew up in, mozzarella from Claudio in Philly, and new extra virgin olive oil

                                                      Second: Italian wedding soup, made by my grandma before holiday dinners were moved to my aunt's house, and tasting just as good as I remember . . . tons of spinach, and those little meatballs were completely from scratch, and it showed

                                                      Third: Homemade raviolis with my mom's thick red tomato gravy and the parmigiano reggiano my great uncle used to (illegally) ship to us in entire half wheels from Italy

                                                      Fourth: Blood orange sorbet. I would love to say "homemade" here too, but why bother when there is Ciao Bella?

                                                      Fifth: Amazing seafood dish that I got from this quaint little Italian place in Seattle (I cannot, and will never, remember the name) -- enormous prawns wrapped in pancetta and broiled, with lots of garlic. And a fresh roll from Serpe's in Elsmere, DE

                                                      Sixth: Simple predictable salad -- spring mix, pear, gorgonzola, walnuts, lemon poppyseed dressing

                                                      Seventh: The peanut butter cookies a student baked for me at Christmas in my first year of teaching. Soft, a little crumbly, big chunks of peanuts: divine.

                                                      Dining with me: My parents, but from ten years ago, with my mom much less stressed and my dad completely healthy. My mom's dad, the most mourned of my relatives. And a few old friends and former students whom I dearly miss.