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May 30, 2012 12:37 PM

Reading, Pa -- Dinner?

Slighlty out of Philly, but I'm going to be spending the weekend in Reading. Anyone know of any good places to have dinner? Not too loud, not too adventurous, since I'll be with parents.

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  1. Canal Street Pub & Restaurant. Go to & get a discount certificate. When you check out, type in the Promo code "GRADS", and you will get a $25 cert for $4. That's $25 off a total bill of $45 or more. Not only will you enjoy your meal, your parents will be impressed by your ability to get a good deal.

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    1. re: PattiCakes

      Thanks for the Canal Street Pub recommendation. We expect to be in Reading for dinner one Saturday next month. While we have enjoyed Judy's on Cherry Street and Speckled Hen in the past, it will be nice to have another option. Also, I understand Stokesay Castle has reopened. Haven't been there in years but that might be something parents would enjoy. Anyone know how the food is?

      1. re: jfr

        The atmosphere at Stokesay is great, especially if it is nice out. The food is mediocre.

        If you like Mexican food, Mezcal's is authentic and great. Hong Thanh is a good Vietnamese place.

        Avoid Panevino. It's overpriced and the food is not very good.

        1. re: CChaz

          Panevino overpriced?? most entree's are under $20. Stokesay - nice atmosphere, but well overpriced for the product they serve.

    2. One of our favorites is Frank and Diannah's Arbor Inn. The food is high quality and the menu changes seasonally. The owners are CIA graduates and it shows. I don't think they take reservations, however.
      I haven't been to the Canal Street Pub and Restaurant lately because I have concerns about my safety in the neighborhood.

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      1. re: OleyValleyGirl

        Concerns about safety in the neighborhood at Canal Street? My son and DIL go there often, many times with 4 kids in tow. We went there with them about a month ago and did not see a problem. My son's family has lived in the Reading area for a number of years, and DIL is a Wyomissing native; neither has an issue with the location. Plenty of parking in a private lot.

      2. Brasserie papillon in west reading, west reading tavern, Anthony's trattoria in mt penn,

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          Avoid Brasserie Papillion - chef/owner major attitude... food not that great.