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May 30, 2012 12:31 PM

Ann Arbor Dining

I'm taking a straw poll. We have one night to go to dinner in Ann Arbor. I haven't been to any of the restaurants but based on their menus I am looking at Logan, Pacific Rim by Kana or West End Grill. I would love opinions of those who have eaten at any of them. (Right now I am leaning towards Logan)

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  1. oh your post makes me realize I have not been to any of those places in at least a year. That being said, I really like Logan. It's a little pretentious, but the food is excellent. West End Grill is a lot pretentious, but the food too is excellent. Oh heck, Pacific Rim is good too. I like Logan because they come out with an amuse for the table (or at least they used to), which I find fun and interesting. Also, I love Logan's short ribs. Guess I'm casting my vote for Logan.

    1. Not on your list, but I had an outstanding meal at Mani Osteria last Saturday. One of the better meals that I have had in Michigan during the last year that I have lived here. Only low points of the meal were crispy pork belly that wasn't crispy (still good - though) and a very weak dessert menu. Logan has been on my list to visit for a long time.

      1. One of my favorite places is West End, but can be hard to get into. Although in the past month Vinology has been pulling me in for their red lentil tamales. There is so much taste to the dish that I almost lick the plate. haha My daughter loves the sweet potato samosas, too.

        1. I went to Logan a couple weeks ago for my anniversary dinner. Although I've never been to the other two, I'd recommend it. We did the 5-course tasting menu (which was 7 if you count the starter amouse and dessert) and enjoyed everything. The only slight miss was a ginger carrot sorbet, which tasted like frozen carrot to me. We had the tuna tartare dish where they pulverize tuna with egg white and then roll the balls into three different seasonings - the Korean one was amazing. Our main entree ended up being a steak dish, which was cooked perfectly, but I sort of regretted not choosing our main dish (we did the tasting blind) as some of the other options sounded better. I will have to go back to check them out.

          I have never been to West End Grill but I don't have a good impression of it, it seems very old school - and not in a good way. This sentence at the top of their menu has me skeptical that I'm going to get a great meal there: "ALL OF OUR ENTREES ARE SERVED WITH GARDEN VEGETABLES, BEIGNET ROLLS AND YOUR CHOICE OF SOUP OR SALAD. "

          1. I was just at West End last night and it was fabulous and I got a table no problem. II'm not a fan of Logan, but if you want to go there, do yourself a favor and get a gift certificate. They must have a problem getting business because you can always get super great deals.