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Omaha Steaks? I don't get it!

How do they stay in business? Tastless cardboard! Or am I missing something?

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  1. Oh no. They survive by marketing you non stop. I tried them back in the 90s, they were meh, but that was just the beginning.

    Direct mail and telemarketing hell as they sold my information to dozens, scores, perhaps even hundreds of other direct mail/telemarketing merchants. They must have made more money selling my info then they did on the steaks I bought.

    I imagine today they do it by spamming email too, and when you shut it off in your profile, 'accidentally' changing your preferences every few months, telling you it takes 2-3 weeks to reset you preferences back to No Mail. I don't have experience with Omaha doing that, but other organizations have done this to me (especially a certain one that sells flowers )

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      Yikes! Thanks for the heads up, I was thinking of sending them to my father for Father's day. Eep!

    2. They probably rely on new customers who buy it for gifts thinking they are getting something special. There are always new people coming into that pool. My wife bought some once, but we didn't think it was worth buying again.

      1. You're missing nothing. I got a package from them as a corporate gift and wound up throwing some away. Horrible. They marketed me hard, but I would never buy the product for myself or anyone else.

        1. The most important thing to remember is this is not even USDA Prime grade meat. In other words, it's no better than standard supermarket Choice grade. Why on earth would you bother with mail order and shipping fees for meat that isn't even Prime?

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            It's not Choice - if it were, they would market with that but they don't. So it's likely a mix of choice and select.

          2. For themost part, just USDA Choice, same as sold in most mid-level grocery stores, with about 25% of the cost in packaging. Don't waste your money. Try www.lobels.com or my favorite, www.bryansfinefoods.com
            They are worth it.

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              Is Bryan still selling to the retail market? The last time I was in his store, one of his employees said they were going to discontinue selling to the public. And that would be terrible.

            2. I have several theories -

              1. they have successfully marketed themselves as a premium product and businesses are comfortable giving their products as corporate gifts. We get assortment packages from several of our vendors.

              2. the actual packaging. My husband is delighted by the individually vac packed items. I don't know why. I think there is something about the tidiness of all those little "treats" so neatly displayed.

              3. The marketing catalogs. When we get a box, the first thing I do is throw out all those inserts showing tasty double stuffed potatos, juicy burgers, etc. Mr. CB would not be able to resist.

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                Don't forget the coupons and gift cards. I received a $25 Omaha Steaks gift card as a gift one year from a wonderful friend who knows that I like steak. I pored over that catalog for ages looking for something worth getting, and in the end I spent probably $30 on top of the gift card to get a couple of sirloin steaks and some hamburgers.

                A friend bought a Groupon from them -- $30 for $60 worth of product -- and complained that in the end she spent more than just buying good steak from a local butcher.

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                  I worked for them for six weeks in 2002. They're an awsome place to be employed, (even though it was just a temp job.) Most of they're business are gifts.

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                  I think cleo nailed it. Especially the part about corporate gifting. They also throw in some cheap knives that would make a ginsu look like a fine product.

                  Someone above mentioned that the meat is not even choice grade. Not sure if that is true or not.

                3. While we have never purchased Omaha Steaks I find them to be just fine if cooked properly. We have friends that get them every year from a sibling. The filets were good because they came out on the rare side of medium rare (for me) and everyone enjoyed them although that would not be my first choice for a cut of beef. I'd much rather have a strip or ribeye.

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                  1. re: John E.

                    I am immediatly suspicious when I see them being hawked on QVC by some quasi chef buffoon in a white hat.

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                      I don't have a problem with their quality but their price is way out of line. I believe people buy them because it's an easy way to send meat to someone...or yourself.

                      My father received a Honey Baked Ham order after my mother died. There was a bunch of frozen stuff in there, most of it was good but I bet the entire box cost close to $200. It was way overpriced but for those with the means it's an easy decision to make with good intentions.

                  2. The individual portions and ease in cooking made Omaha Steaks a much appreciated gift for my grandparents. The fish, twice baked potatoes and apple crisps were some of the things i remember us sending. It was a way for my gma to "cook" meals without doing a lot of cooking. And my bf's gmas liked them for the same reason. With the various coupons the prices aren't too bad.