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Good eats near Sea World with 20-month-old toddler?

Hi, we're heading down to San Diego for the weekend from LA with our 20 month old daughter and staying at Paradise Point near Sea World. I'm looking for good places to eat near there that will be easy to eat with her but that are delicious, not too expensive and maybe different from what we get in LA. She doesn't have a ton of patience yet so any restaurants where she can look outside or be amused in some way would be great. My husband loves craft beers so any suggestions for those where we could take her would also be great.


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  1. there's a pretty good bbq/rib place in the Sea World grounds.

    1. Pizza Port Ocean Beach is not too far from where you are staying, for the craft beer angle.

      Point Loma Seafoods is not far from you, and probably would fit the "different than LA" category.

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        Second Pizza Port Ocean Beach. The only thing to be aware of is that it is all seat yourself, picnic-table seating or high counters. There is a limited number of spots where a high chair can be set up if she is still using one.

        Bay Park Fish Company could work as well.

      2. I second the rec for the BBQ place at Sea World itself. My son and I enjoyed eating there many a time. Actually not too expensive either. The only drawback--can have a very long wait in line to order. We tried to time our meal at the beginning or the end of the traditional meal time to avoid the rush.

        1. Thanks very much! Those all sound great. Any great places for ice cream around the area?

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            If you go to OB, head a block over from Pizza Port to Newport Ave (the main street with the businesses in Ocean Beach) and there is an ice cream place right near the water (by South Beach Bar and Grill).

            If you husband wants to get some fantastic beers to take back home with him, head up Newport, make a right on Sunset Cliffs Blvd (going South), and go two blocks to Olive Tree Market. They have a parking lot and a great selection of local (and international) craft beers as well as a tasty deli if you need sandwiches for the road.

            Have a great trip!

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              Absolutely try Mr. Frosty on Garnet in Pacific Beach...about 1 1/2 miles from your hotel. Wonderful family owned local hangout...hasn't changed much in about 50 years and all the local kids love it!

            2. Another place that might fit your description is OB Noodle House. Similar menu to most pho restaurants (and decent, not great, quality) that you have in LA. However, I believe they have 30 or so taps of craft beer, mostly local but some from outside SoCal and even a couple Belgians. Some kid friendly foods on the menu as well e.g. edamame, dumplings, fried rice,etc. Enjoy your trip!

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                sorry but I don't see OB Noodle House as a great place to bring a toddler....blasting music and it is pretty cramped for table space. Damn fine Happy Hour though!

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                  I guess I've only ever been there for lunch with my kids. Don't remember any music being played. Though I do remember the din being fairly high (which is good when you bring kids). Is the music perhaps an evening thing??

              2. Another spot in Ocean beach worth a visit is Azucar on Newport Avenue. It's a Cuban-inspired bakery with great Cafe con Leche, guava pastries & papas rellenas (ask for the hot sauce). You can get your food to go and walk down towards the beach, I bet your daughter would love the Shell Shop too.
                Have a great trip!

                1. Bay Park Fish Company
                  Tender Greens
                  Sessions Public
                  Pizza Port
                  The Fishery
                  JRDN at Tower 23 for drinks and apps
                  Point Loma Seafoods
                  Bali Hai
                  Fish Market Downtown outside patio for apps/drinks or sushi bar
                  George's at the Cove..ocean terrace

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                    Beach Chick...please tell me you don't have kids. Georges, JRDN and Bali Hai are NOT kiddee friendly. Great spots otherwise, but leave the little ones at home!

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                      I don't have children but I've seen many a kids at all the establishments and the OP stated 'maybe different from what we get in LA.'..
                      George's ocean terrace is casual outside patio overlooking the Pacific, JRDN, outside on the oceanfront patio for drinks and apps and tourist oriented Bali Hai, sits with fab views of America's Finest City.

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                      Do they do alot of tiki drinks at Bali Hai - i cannot see a drink menu online - also do they make their Mai Tai's the right way or do they use pineapple juice in them?

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                        Hey Dapuma!
                        I've had the mai tai and one time a grog, to change it up a bit...when your in SD, take your wife for a sunset dinner or before a concert at Humphrey's...get out of the PHX heat.
                        Love this place and been going since I was a child and has shaped me into the island chick that I am now.

                        Here is the recipe..from the U-T

                        Bali Hai's World Famous Mai Tai

                        Makes 1 drink

                        Shaved ice

                        1 ounce light rum

                        1 ounce Meyers Original Dark Rum

                        1/2 ounce Triple Sec

                        1/2 ounce Trader Vic's Premium Orgeat Almond Syrup (see note)

                        Sweet and sour mix


                        1 pineapple wedge

                        1 maraschino cherry

                        1 tiki umbrella

                        Fill 1 (14 1/2-ounce) glass to the top with shaved ice. Over the ice pour the rums, Triple Sec, orgeat and enough sweet and sour mix to fill the glass. Stir contents to mix. Garnish and serve.

                        No juice was harmed in any way going into the mai tai.

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                          (sorry to derail the thread a bit, since we will not have a toddler or any kids with us)

                          yeah it is just about time to beat the heat, trying to figure out which weekend we can get out of phoenix today - Hawaii trip had to be postponed for another time

                          we will probably do sea world one day, looks like George at the Cove up top or Bali Hai would work for us and the other couple we are going with for dinner and drinks after wards

                          Which one of those places will have better food? or will they be close? I always like tiki drinks - George's looked very nice as well though

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                            I love having dining at George's ocean terrace for lunch/sunset dinner..casual and great vibe.
                            Eddie V's is another fab place but way more gussied up..excellent.

                            Bali Hai for mai tais/pupu's dinner/show..there is a dock..see if water taxi will pick up
                            at the dock...old school Polynesian..love tiki drinks too.

                            Island Prime for happy hour M-F or drinks on patio..food is average but view is great.
                            Fish Market Downtown..sushi bar/oyster bar or Top of the Market upstairs..outside patio for drinks and shrimp cocktails with the bay breezes can't be beat.

                            Brunch/lunch at La Valencia hotel in LJ outside patio overlooking LJ Cove is stunning.
                            Marine Room for drinks in the bar..floor to ceiling glass with high tide waves hitting the windows.
                            Check out the Humphrey's concerts by the bay..

                            Where are you staying in SD?

                            Take the water taxi over to Coronado to dine at Candelas..

                            Sorry to hear about Hawaii...that is never fun to cancel on paradise..