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May 30, 2012 11:58 AM

Good eats near Sea World with 20-month-old toddler?

Hi, we're heading down to San Diego for the weekend from LA with our 20 month old daughter and staying at Paradise Point near Sea World. I'm looking for good places to eat near there that will be easy to eat with her but that are delicious, not too expensive and maybe different from what we get in LA. She doesn't have a ton of patience yet so any restaurants where she can look outside or be amused in some way would be great. My husband loves craft beers so any suggestions for those where we could take her would also be great.


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  1. there's a pretty good bbq/rib place in the Sea World grounds.

    1. Pizza Port Ocean Beach is not too far from where you are staying, for the craft beer angle.

      Point Loma Seafoods is not far from you, and probably would fit the "different than LA" category.

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        Second Pizza Port Ocean Beach. The only thing to be aware of is that it is all seat yourself, picnic-table seating or high counters. There is a limited number of spots where a high chair can be set up if she is still using one.

        Bay Park Fish Company could work as well.

      2. I second the rec for the BBQ place at Sea World itself. My son and I enjoyed eating there many a time. Actually not too expensive either. The only drawback--can have a very long wait in line to order. We tried to time our meal at the beginning or the end of the traditional meal time to avoid the rush.

        1. Thanks very much! Those all sound great. Any great places for ice cream around the area?

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            If you go to OB, head a block over from Pizza Port to Newport Ave (the main street with the businesses in Ocean Beach) and there is an ice cream place right near the water (by South Beach Bar and Grill).

            If you husband wants to get some fantastic beers to take back home with him, head up Newport, make a right on Sunset Cliffs Blvd (going South), and go two blocks to Olive Tree Market. They have a parking lot and a great selection of local (and international) craft beers as well as a tasty deli if you need sandwiches for the road.

            Have a great trip!

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              Absolutely try Mr. Frosty on Garnet in Pacific Beach...about 1 1/2 miles from your hotel. Wonderful family owned local hangout...hasn't changed much in about 50 years and all the local kids love it!

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                Is there anywhere good to eat dinner near Mr Frostie? Its the best soft serve we've ever had and are planning our dinner based on having some soft serve for dessert.

                We've done Pizza Port but it can get busy getting back and forth with all the traffic from Sea World and the highway.

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                  Costa Brava (Walking distance)

                  JRDN in the Tower23 Hotel

                  Iron Pig Alehouse

                  Oscars Mexican Seafood

                  Some people love Johnny Vs, but I'm not one of them

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                    Thanks these look like solid choices and very close.

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                      Iron pig ale house was excellent. Thanks for reco. Across the street from me frostie.

                      Brisket was juicy and moist. Nice smoke and good amount of fat. My kid loved the rib tips but I wish they weren't sauced so much. Wings were delicious smoky, crunchy and salty in good way. Greens had nice vinegar kick. Small but good beer selection. Lots of kids but they only allow Kids until 10am.

              2. Another place that might fit your description is OB Noodle House. Similar menu to most pho restaurants (and decent, not great, quality) that you have in LA. However, I believe they have 30 or so taps of craft beer, mostly local but some from outside SoCal and even a couple Belgians. Some kid friendly foods on the menu as well e.g. edamame, dumplings, fried rice,etc. Enjoy your trip!

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                  sorry but I don't see OB Noodle House as a great place to bring a toddler....blasting music and it is pretty cramped for table space. Damn fine Happy Hour though!

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                    I guess I've only ever been there for lunch with my kids. Don't remember any music being played. Though I do remember the din being fairly high (which is good when you bring kids). Is the music perhaps an evening thing??