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May 30, 2012 11:56 AM

Cape Cod Recommendations

we got a last minute offer to use a friend's cottage in eastham, ma. on cape cod. any recommendations of things to see and do? restaurants? we were told we have to check out the red inn for dinner in provincetown which i think we will do on saturday. we will be there friday-sunday. we plan to bring our bikes as i hear great things about the rail trails.

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  1. Rail trail is great, from Eastham up through Wellfleet, or ride the other direction through Orleans, Brewster, Dennis. Along rail trail and US 6 in Eastham is Arnolds, a classic clam and lobster bar, with great onion rings and fried seafood, but it often gets very busy. Nearby is the Fort Hill area, it gives a view of the Nauset inlet without tying up too much of your time, as going to Coast Guard Beach would.

    Check out Wellfleet, go to the harbor and village downtown on the bay side, or along Ocean Drive on the ocean side. The Beachcomber at Cahoon Hollow beach is a cool experience, if not the greatest food.

    Provincetown will we very busy and time consuming on a Saturday. Check out the Provincetown Portuguese Bakery while you are there. Enjoy your trip!

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      great tips. thanks! i'm thinking although it's post memorial day, it may not be too crazy yet but we shall see...

    2. Was just in N Eastham 2 days ago. Still have sand in my hair (thats a good thing).

      Ask your friend if they have a shellfish license. If they do, go to salt pond on Sunday for free quahogs. Stop by Mac's seafood for some smoked bluefish. It's on 6 at the N Eastham Light. There's a better Macs in Truro, that's where they smoke all their fish & shellfish. Makes for a great snack on the beach w/ a bottle of Prosecco.

      For the Best Oysters on the Cape, Call John and Stephanie at the Dennis Oyster Farm. I usually call from the airport or the day before and they pull them from the water and have them waiting on their front porch in a cooler. You can pick them up on your way to the lower cape.

      Hard to get a reservation, but PB Boulangerie Bistro is probably getting the most rave reviews right now.

      Oh, and don't miss the Jelly Crullers at the Hole In One.

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        You have some excellent recs here from knowledgable folks, but I personally wouldn't eat summer oysters from the bay (and I and others would claim Welfleets superior to Dennis oysters anyway). I'll chance Cotuits as they are from the sound, but bacteria levels in the bay are causing a shellfish virus that make many people sick from raw shelfish more and more each year. Here's a link if you would lke to read more about this fact:

        Reviews here on dinner at PB Boulangerie have been spotty, and several have complained of the prices. Blackfish in Truro, however, has been getting universally excellent remarks and may be the best bet for a special dinner out.