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May 30, 2012 11:01 AM

Uptown Breakfast for Wedding Shower

Any suggestions for a good Saturday a.m. (10:30 or so) breakfast in Uptown for a wedding shower? Probably less than 30 people, laid back group of girls in their mid-twenties.

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  1. Lucia's or Barbette are probably your best bets.

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    1. re: bob s

      They don't take groups that big....

      1. re: traceygirl

        OK. Here are some other ideas:

        Tryg's has a private room for up to 24. Haven't eaten there in a long time.
        Urban Eatery says they do private events and they open at 11.
        Bryant Lake Bowl might appeal (or might not). Their theater may be available for your rental as well.
        Moto i has various spaces for private events and does brunch.

    2. CC Club. Seriously. It's generally pretty empty that early in the morning, and they have surprisingly good breakfast (although it's far from healthy). Plus it's a full bar, so if anyone wants a mimosa or screwdriver to help ease in to the day, it's no problem. Just be prepared for the inevitable bad service.

      1. Have never done it or even know if it good but Famous Daves does a Brunch Sat AM. I would try it out before having a party because it may suck.....

        1. I wonder if Yum could accommodate you in their back room. Not sure how the ordering process would work.

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            Thanks for all the great ideas!! So many good options here. We will look into Yum and Tryg's.