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May 30, 2012 10:42 AM

Itinerary Help Please - 3 1/2 Days in SF

My wife and I are coming to SF for a short visit this coming Sunday - Wednesday from LA, I'd really appreciate any input on our prospective itinerary.


Flying in early, staying at the Huntington, so we figured we'd take the BART there, quickly check in and head over on the BART to the Mission area. There's a jewelry store my wife likes that apparently is only open on Sunday out of the days we'll be there.

We were thinking of heading to Tartine for breakfast/snack, shopping around the Mission district, possibly getting Delfina or Regalito for a lunch or early dinner, then shopping a bit more, ending up at Humphry Slocombe before heading back.

Is there anywhere else in the Mission area that's a can't miss for brunch/snack or early dinner? I tried Bi-Rite Creamery when I visited last, but I missed Slocombe.


I was thinking of going either to Dottie's for breakfast or heading directly to the Ferry Building to get picnic goods. If we get to the Ferry area early enough to beat the crowds, we might walk up to Pier 39. We have dinner reservations at Pican in Oakland, so we'd head over that way in the late afternoon.


Renting a car, driving up to Sonoma for wine tasting. This board has been very helpful for recommending wineries, so we were going to keep to the Sonoma/Glen Ellen area, and find somewhere for lunch in the Sonoma area. Any recommendations around Sonoma plaza? After some tasting, we would head back to the hotel area, I was thinking maybe Barbacco for dinner, as it's not too far from our hotel.

Wednesday: We have an early afternoon flight, so we were going to get breakfast at Brenda's French Soul Food.

Thanks for any input.


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  1. A thought about Sonoma/Glen Ellen (on the winery front - though I'm sure you have too many choices already, but I'm putting it out there). This new winery called "Ram's Gate" was all over the latest issue of Wine Spectator. I wouldn't recommend it, just because it's in Wine Spectator, but the pictures from their website show a really beautiful patio area that you can call ahead about. They also offer food options (though I already imagine, perhaps unfairly, that they will be overpriced).

    Thought I'd throw it out there.

    1. Recently, I ate at The Girl and the Fig in Sonoma (on the square) -- lovely, delicious, fair prices. We sat on the back patio. You can make reservations. Loved the arugula/fig salad and the wild flounder with brown butter and capers .. very fresh, not fishy. On Tuesdays (summertime) there's a very popular farmer's mkt on the square beginning at 5 pm, music, etc.

      Tadich is in same block as Barbacco, no res. but if you get there early enough, (before 7 pm) maybe not a wait. Mainly a fish house but there are plenty of other choices on the menu.

      1. When you're in the Mission, you really can't go wrong at Delfina (must. get. calamari salad), but for a change of pace, go to Locanda on Valencia (same owners, a bit more refined).

        If you're going just for a snack, instead of Regalito, stop by Tacolicious (the name is forgivable), and ask for their Prix fixe, it's a taco, tecate and a tequila shot for $10 and it's not on the menu.

        If you want to stay closer to Humphry Slocombe, you can start at Dynamo Donut on 24th, home of the famed Maple Bacon Donut, or better yet, get a milk chocolate passionfruit donut with Four barrel coffee.

        You're also going to be in luck because Salumeria (from the Flour + Water people) opens this week, and it's just a couple of blocks away at Harrison and 20th, by the F+W mothership as well as the couple week old Central Kitchen. You can stock up on your picnic supplies there as well. The Inna Jam "plenty spicy jalepeno jam goes great on sandwiches and with cheese!.

        Couple other places you could try in the neighborhood would be the Mission Bowling Club (18th and S. Van Ness, food by the MIssion Chinese Food chef. Go there for the burger at happy hour from 3-6), Southern Pacific Brewing off of 19th and Local's Corner (seafood specialties) on Bryant and 23rd

        Have a great trip!

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          Seconding the burger at Mission Bowling Club during happy hour. Still dreaming about it.

        2. Thanks for all the info everyone. Great tips for the Mission.

          1. The Philz location in the mission is great for coffee and around Slocombe.

            My family belongs to the club at Bartholomew Park Winery and when we go up we stop at Sonoma Market and bring a picnic to the winery. It has several (most are shaded) tables overlooking the vineyard. If you buy wine there the tasting room will even lend you glasses to use for your picnic.