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May 30, 2012 10:14 AM

Seeking recommendations Kona/Honolulu

Hi, we will be in the Kona area in two weeks for a six day stay in a private home and then spending three nights in Waikiki. On the Big Island I am hoping for a few recommendations for good dinners ( we will also be cooking at the house). I've been to Cafe Pesto and enjoyed it but it may be a bit far to drive for dinner. We also have a larger group which means I am most likely going to make reservations anywhere we go. Pretty much any kind of food works for this group.
In Honolulu I am very interested in great sushi but probably not omakasa given the size and diversity of our group. I would also be game for your suggestions for a fun, celebratory place to have a final dinner, that would not be overly formal. Thanks very much and I will be happy to return the favor when you are next travelling to the "8th island".....

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  1. you don't specify how large a group you will have. a large group will definitely limit your choices. also what is your budget range? when asking for recommendations, the more info you can provide, the better people are able to help you out.

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      We will have 8 to 9 people There isn't a set budget range, but i expect we would want to mix it up between different types of places. So long as the food is good this is a pretty adventuresome group.