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May 30, 2012 09:27 AM

Empellon Taqueria or Empellon Cocina?

I've read reviews of both, but some of the ones for the Taqueria seemed a little negative (for the noise level and the paucity of the menu). I'm considering one of them for a birthday dinner; my husband LOVES Mexican food. He's a bit of of a food snob, but when it comes to Mexican he admits that he loves Tex-Mex as much, if not more than, truly authentic fare. Any feedback would be welcome.

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  1. Fyi, Cocina is even noisier than Taqueria. While I like the food at both places. I don't really think either one would appeal to someone favors Tex Mex. Cocina's flavor combos can be a bit of a stretch.

    Yerba Buena Perry is probably a more suitable option.

    1. Empellon Taqueria now has sound proofing (it didn't when it first opened). From what I understand, the menu has evolved significantly since it first opened as well. How recent are the reviews you're reading of Taqueria? I don't think their current menu is too short.

      Neither Empellon is truly authentic, but it is not Tex-Mex either. I would describe it more as modern or creative Mexican. Cocina is more haute and has more composed plates than Taqueria. Taqueria, of course, has many tacos on the menu. I like them both, but it doesn't sound like it's what your husband would enjoy if his true love is Tex-Mex.