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May 30, 2012 08:15 AM

Late-ish night dinner, driving from Manhattan to Danbury, CT?

I often find myself on my way home from Manhattan and hungry for dinner. Any suggestions for reasonable, safe, reliable, convenient, casual places that are open late and not far out of the way? Even diners are welcome.

My route is usually usually Henry Hudson (9A) > Cross County > Hutchinson > 684 > 84 > exit 5. Sometimes I take the Saw Mill instead. Looking at the map now, I see that I could also take the Bronx River for part of the trip without losing too much time. (



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  1. Blazer Pub right off 684 in Purdeys for tomato soup and cheeseburgers.

      1. Try The Little Pub in Ridgefield. 59 Ethan Allen Hwy (rt 7). Should fit the bill nicely.

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        1. re: tjd241

          This is completely out of the way based on the OP's posted route home.

          1. re: richg35

            Out of the way, yeah, but not totally unreasonable, especially late at night.

            But I'd do Blazer (which is RIGHT on the way, and has better food) over Little Pub.

        2. Rosy Tomorrow's in Danbury (exit 2 off I-84) fits most of that (down rt 6 then you can catch 84 again at exit 4).
          Reasonable - yes
          Safe - yes (you may get a bar crowd later in the night but the dining rooms aren't in the bar)
          Reliable - sure
          Convenient - yes
          Casual - yes

          1. 20 minutes (to me)... Is not out of the way for a good meal. Maybe throw a suggestion out Rich... which is actually more to the point of the OP's post.