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May 30, 2012 08:13 AM

Help With Celebration Dinner

Wanted to solicit some advice from the crowd. I have recently been promoted and wanted to take my significant other out to celebrate. I have narrowed down my options to: Eola, Obelisk, Ardeo Bardeo, Palena, and Birch and Barley. I've eaten at the last three before and enjoyed all of them though am wondering if the first two are worth checking out in favor of the others. I'm looking to spend around $250 for two people (including alcohol). I prefer fish and vegetarian while the SO will eat almost anything.

Thanks for any thoughts!

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  1. If you prefer fish and vegetarian Eola may not shine as much for you as for others. I think their interesting parts are what a lot of people really like there. Although I haven't been yet either. Obelisk is very good and worth a visit if you haven't been. What about Corduroy? Very good fish preparation too.

    1. Ardeo would be a great option - I remember their scallops and homemade pastas being absolutely excellent, so you'd definitely have some good non-meat options.

      1. We went to Corduroy for my bf's bday and it was really, really good. We all (6) got the tasting menu, but that might not be the best choice for you. The seafood items we had were the best of the meal. I'm generally not too overly impressed wtih Ardeo; I would recommend it more for appetizers/drinks/dessert but not a full special meal. All I've had from Palena is the burger and their Side Car, which were both really good.

        1. What about Dino? Ask to be seated in a corner booth on the second floor - it's quiet and the food is as delicious as ever.

          Or consider Bibiana. I think it a great celebration spot with great service.

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            dino is good too. the 3 course, $39 dinner would leave room for some great wine. I've been to dino twice in the last week, so corduroy seems a little more "special occasion" to me.