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favorite fries?

I like crinkle cut....dh likes shoestring
What do you like? Waffle? Steak? All,,, lol?

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  1. Nathan's @ Coney Island crinkle cut fries are outstanding.

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        1. re: Motosport

          But must be eaten at Coney Island, not at any of their chains

          1. re: jhopp217

            I was just about to post the exact sentiment, Jhopp...Concur.

              1. re: Motosport

                Yup...wish I were there right now!!!

                (Well, now right now - as it is POURING in NYC right now...)

                Does Nathans CI still do a chow mein sandwich?
                I'd have fries , a hot dog, and a chow mein sandwich.....

                1. re: NellyNel

                  Chow mein and frogs legs are still on the menu.
                  I usually get a dog, french fries and Hires root beer. Priceless!

                  1. re: Motosport

                    Yup, I just Googled...
                    The lobster roll is still on the menu as well...I'd get one of those too!
                    Oh, and yeah, a root beer would fit nicely!!
                    I want a chow mein sandwich now, something awful. *sigh*

                    Why do I torture myself??


                    1. re: Motosport

                      Hires Root Beer - between that and Manhattan Special...my faves as a kid

                1. Belgian-style fried in duck fat.

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                    I'll take any style, as long as it's been done right in duck fat...

                  2. Best fries I ever had was on the island of Madeira off the coast of Portugal. They were the big kind (steak?). Had 'em with marinated skewered beef cooked over a fire. Heaven.

                    1. Sad to say, but McD has the best mass market fries out there.

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                        I'd rather have frozen Ore-Ida over them...i hate McD fries

                      2. If we're talking about mass market shapes, I'm partial to OreIda Fast Food Fries. I love the crispness.

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                          Crinkle-cut, very crisp and slightly oily are the best..IMO. Can't seem to find them much these days, guess they aren't 'fancy' enough.

                        2. Me too for Nathan's! Being from Texas, I don't get to NYC often, but I take the train out just to watch the people and have a dog and fries! I have wanted to try the fry place there, too. I think it's called Pomme Frite?

                          1. Thin fries and waffle fries. Sweet potato fries with bleu cheese dressing...yum!

                            1. Both the waffle fry and the curly fry are abominations in my book. I'm ok with any of the others.

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                                Most are actually processed, and frozen, on a commercial basis. Few, today, are actually CUT from potatoes.


                              2. cruly fries from hardees or arbee's

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                                1. re: Soup

                                  Our local Hardee's doesn't carry the curly fries anymore :(

                                2. Shoestrings are definitely my hands-down favorite - & I'll even admit to enjoying the ones at McD's & Burger King.

                                  But I do really enjoy any fries that are well-made - neither undercooked or overcooked; semi-crispy outside, soft inside, & with just the right amount of salt.

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                                    Sort of agree--I don't like BK's (though it's been years since I've had one) and like McD's (again, years since I've had one).

                                    But the crux of the matter is well-made: crispy on the outside, mealy on the inside, salted just right. There's a local place that makes wedges with the skin on that fit this definition; another place that serves shoestrings without the skin that fits the definition.

                                  2. shoestring crunchy; in n out well done animal style

                                    1. Icky to mass-market fries. The best ones are French-style shoestrings that are caringly made by an independent restaurant who knows what they're doing.

                                      1. Tator Tots! Cooked in very hot oil to an audible crunch.

                                          1. I really like homefries fried to a medium dark brown on the grill with onions, vigorously salted and peppered.

                                            1. The fries at All American in Massapequa, New York are great and have been great for at least 40 years.

                                              1. I never met a french fry I didnt like......except those coated imitation potato monstrocities!

                                                1. Absolute best - Quebec chip truck and/or fair/PNE/Stampede french fries. Fairly thin, skins on, final deep-fry while you wait, served piping hot, well salted, in a paper cone, with generous amounts of malt vinegar to drench the chips. With the vinegar they end up hot, fragrant, responably soft, but with crunchy bits around the outside.

                                                  As far as mass-market fast food versions, I'll go for New York Fries from the food court - skin on, moderately thick freshly deep fried, piping hot and also coated in salt and malt vinegar.

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                                                  1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

                                                    Curious -- why is it called New York Fries when it is also coated in malt vinegar?

                                                  2. Seasoned curly fries. Haven't seen them in the freezer section lately up here though. I like thin fries. Lots of salt. Dip in (depending on what we are having with them) either cream of mushroom soup (hot, undiluted), tarter sauce or Bloomin' Onion Dip.

                                                    1. I like:
                                                      waffle fries with cheez whiz
                                                      Steak fries with Peter Luger steak sauce
                                                      Thin fries with malt vinegar
                                                      Thick cut fries with bleu cheese dressing
                                                      Crinkle cut fries with really cold ketchup

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                                                      1. re: jhopp217

                                                        I love the home-cut fries at Mary's in Strawn, Texas. You get a ton of them. They are never overdone and piping hot out of the fryer every time. I go for her legendary chicken fried steak but eagerly await my plate of fries each time. Mary's tawny cream gravy on each fry sends me to artery clogging heaven!

                                                      2. Mass market: Costco fries.
                                                        (Whoops, cat's out of the bag. LOL)

                                                        But nothing beats hand-cut fries, double fried for extra crispiness.

                                                        1. "Mannekenpis"

                                                          they became my new favorite yesterday

                                                          1. Without any doubt - Elsie's (Gulfport, MS) "Greasy Fries." Unfortunately, Hurricane Camille washed the away, and forever.

                                                            Luckily for me, my young wife managed to taste them way back when. She has done a good job at recreating them. Much of the "secret" is in a large, cast iron (seasoned) Dutch oven, without the lid and then lard at a very high temp.

                                                            Those were fries, that one will dream about, 40 years later.

                                                            Otherwise, all others just fall way behind. I cannot imagine which ones might be # 2.


                                                            1. Lot's of good one's out there, but the one I think I liked the most are the one' s they serve at Geno's Steaks in South Philly. Not really a conventional french fry, kind of a deep fried mash potato strip. Quite different and quite good. It's been 25 years since I've had them, they might have changed. At home it's Albertson's crinkle cut's thawed out to room temp and fried at 375* until just golden then hit with commercial fry salt.

                                                              1. Back home we had this chip truck that made their fries very dark and greasy. And I LOVED them. They were also very potatoey! That is; flavorful.

                                                                I have never been able to duplicate this in my home, no matter what season or what kind of potato or technique.
                                                                Any of the chains fries--tasteless!

                                                                I tried a bag of fries from the freezer section of my grocery store once.
                                                                What a dissapointment!
                                                                It's just a potato for heaven's sake! How can you take ALL the flavor out of it?

                                                                2 years ago at a high end restaurant/club Christmas party I ordered Herbed Butter french fries.
                                                                I didn't taste any herbs OR butter but my goodness! They were the most flavorful salty potatoey fries EVER!

                                                                Is it just my experience or do all grocery stores just label their potatoes as red, white or yellow? C'mon--I'd like to know the variety of potato, so if my fries are a success I can buy the same variety again.

                                                                1. I'm not much of a fry person, but I do like them thin cut, really hot and crispy, sprinkled with Old Bay. And when I can can get them, the famous Chi'lantro (Austin food truck) kimchi fries are to die for!
                                                                  Now and again they make their way up to Dallas and I drop everything and run.