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May 30, 2012 07:17 AM

El barrio restaurant week

From June 1 - 16 it's El Barrio restaurant week. There is a $20.12 prix fixe menu.

Any recs? I haven't been to any of the participating restaurants and was wondering if any of them are worth the trip from the BX.

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  1. Without seeing what is included in the prix fixe, I venture to say $20.12 might be more than I'd spend on a normal meal at some of these places, but it might be a deal for Camaradas or Amor Cubano.Of all the restaurants listed, ABV stands well ahead of the pack for its creativity and very pleasant wine and amari selection and would be the first place I recommend.

    Most of the other places I'm not certain are destinations. Milk Burger is fantastic if you like Shake Shack style burgers, but $20.12 is not a deal. I already have difficulty meeting the $10 delivery minimum when I'm on my own. Yo in Yo Out is fine as a local French bistro, but it's not a cuisine that excites me. Then of course there the restaurants who are not offering a prix fixe menu that are often discussed on these boards and who are certainly worth the visit for exquisite tacos al pastor or tortitas de camaron.

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      Thanks! Im thinking about skipping the whole thing and just hitting up some of the taco spots. Are there some threads you could recommend?

    2. None of the places listed are showing the $20.12 menus. Very annoying.

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      1. re: jinglejangle

        I agree! Why head out if what your going to get itsn't even a deal? I went to Fatty Crab on the West side for Malaysian Restaurant week and what I ended up getting added up to the prix fixe total.

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          I agree. I think these are promotions, in and of themselves, and use methods of descrimination to exclude and include restaurants and establishments,whatever the theme may be.

          Best to investigate on ones own or with associates of any sort, using Chowhound and other sources in aiding ones adventured choices.

          That of course is only my opinion,though thanks for the heads up on this.