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May 30, 2012 07:12 AM

Eats You Want in Passaic (1980s)

Another thread on Passaic got me thinking of this place but I did not want to hijack that thread, so I started my own.

Does anyone remember this restaurant that was open for a few years in the 1980s? It had a punk/alternative vibe to it; I think the owners may have been in a band. I remember eating there many, many times with friends (it was our hangout for a while) and then shopping at a vintage clothing store nearby (the name escapes me) and Two Tone. Ah, the 80s.

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  1. I remember late night heading over to the Blue Castle on Main Ave across from the YMCA. after the Heidelberg. Now that was the original 'smash burger' they kept them in a ball in a re-fridge then put them on the grill and squashed them.

    1. I think the clothing store you are referring to was called Shareeds, the restaurants I don't remember.

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        Shareeds was across from Eddie's Grocery which was last a Caravel. Shareeds was on same side of street as Wliburns Pharmacy , Passaic Park Bakery, Arnold's Deli. Across the street where Howe hardware was located for years was previously a candy store with an old fountain soda machine , anyone know the name? It wasn't Picketts.

        1. re: bifpocaroba

          I believe it may have been "Syl's Luncheonette" ? I grew up in Passaic in the 1960's - 70's and went to school at Franklin School #3 in Passaic Park - I remember that corner fairly well with Wilburn's Pharmacy, Passaic Park Bakery, The bank on the corner with the large spinning clock, Thom McCann shoe store, Romeo's Pizza and the luncheonette on the corner. There also was a Staff Good Deal and Pathway Bakery on the same side of the street...

          1. re: 1970spassaic

            I forgot about Syl's which was on the corner of Main and Van Houten , for years dating back to the mid 80's it was a health food store (still might be). I'm talking up the street on the corner of Carlton and Main. Howe Hardware took it over I'm think 1969/70. Can't remember the name...

            1. re: bifpocaroba

              I grew up on Carlton Pl in the 60's and 70's and I recall going to that place for Italian ice and to pick up cigarettes for my neighbor. She'd give me a buck and have me get her a pack of Winstons and let me keep a nickel of the change. I remember the cigarette brand but I don't recall then name of the luncheonette. I think it might have been a female name. You are right, it eventually became Howe Hardware. Syl's was our stop while walking home from #3 school. I'd get my allowance and spend it on candy at Syl's.

              1. re: briansnat

                I think that candy store at Carlton and Main might have been called Michelle's. For some reason that name sticks in my mind.