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May 30, 2012 06:46 AM

Formal dinner with elderly parent?

I know suggestions of this kind have been solicited before, but I still haven't found the right restaurant for an upcoming special dinner...

Requirements: preferably south of St. Clair, under $100pp. European or North American fare, not seafood-driven.
Must be fairly quiet (mother in her 70s is hard of hearing).

Feel free to convince me I'm wrong about any of these!!:

George and Scaramouche - great, but a bit too expensive
Buca and Ossington strip - a bit loud?
Table 17 - not special enough?

Is Canoe really my best bet (as predictable as it is)?
Maybe Le Select?

Help! And thanks.

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  1. I would suggest Ici Bistro. Lovely food. Small quiet room. They do a smaller porition option as well as a regular sized main and sometime the older folks prefer a little less food. I can't recall where the washrooms are so if stairs are an issue you may want to check into that.

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    1. re: JennaBean

      Globe Bistro (or Earth)? The menu is eclectic Canadian, but if the choices are a bit too out there for her, there is always ribeye or tenderloin (sold by the ounce, so portions can be customized to suit the appetite).

    2. Is Jacob & Co considered too expensive? My grandpa loves this restaurant for all the special occasions. I always have great experiences here (food and service).

      I remember my Didier dining experience was very good a year ago. It wasn't overly loud, service was formal and attentive, and the food was good. Everyone enjoyed the food. All four of us ordered the soup (it was a cold winter night!) and it a flavourful creamy blend of squash and carrots. We ordered duck, fish (it's been a while but I think it was pickeral??), steak and a vegetarian pasta dish. I had the fish and it was cooked wonderfully. The sauce wasn't too heavy for the lightly seared fish. Just the right amount of creaminess and garlic. I think we ordered all the sides! My stand out favourites were the mushrooms and pomme dauphine. We shared a few desserts. Though they were good, they weren't mind blowing amazing. I think we shared the typical creme brulee and warm chocolate souffle.

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        Though the main dining room of Scaramouche may be above your price range, the Pasta Bar of Scaramouche - off to the side of the main room - certainly isn't. In case you've never been there, pasta is just a small part of the Pasta Bar menu. I was just there a few weeks ago, and the bill was under $150 for two, all in. Reasonably quiet, comfortable seating, first-rate service and - most important - well-executed dishes. A celebratory bottle of the Spanish sparkler Segura Viudas goes for an acceptable $40 (cheaper than many lesser restaurants). Valet car service, which makes for a short walk, after you've dropped the car off, through the building to the restaurant. The other suggestions above are solid as well, but - unless you're prudent - you can easily go above budget at Ici Bistro and Jacob & Co.

        1. re: juno

          I was about to suggest the Pasta Bar as well.
          Excellent, and within your criteria on all counts

      2. Great suggestions all around!

        I didn't know about Scaramouche Pasta Bar - looks like a good option.
        Ici Bistro - I've been interested in, never went... This might be the occasion.
        I'll think about Didier too.
        Globe Earth I also like, but I've been too often lately.


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          Scaramouche Pasta Bar is a great option. Lots of room at the tables, not squished, substantial comfortable chairs for an elderly person, linen tablecloths, lovely service. Can be dropped off right at the door. A great choice for an elderly person.