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May 30, 2012 06:25 AM

June Openings + Closings...Mostly Openings

The month is about to start so I figured to get this thread's a glimpse

- Yakitori Zai (South End)-- opening imminent?

- Back Deck (DTX)-- waiting on permits, looking at mid-month

- Tip Tap Room (Beacon Hill)-- mid-June

- Kitchen (South End)-- opening in the old Pop's location, I'm hearing rumors about June 1 opening but can't confirm...anybody?

- Tavern + Tea Room @ Tea Party Museum-- set for 6/25

- Sip Wine Bar-- ?

also possibly Emerald Lounge at the Revere Hotel

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  1. Coming to Newton Centre in early summer: Farmstead Table. Billed as a comfort food restaurant using local sources. It's on Union Street in the space previously occupied by India Paradise.

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    1. re: jpcat

      Let me guess: craft cocktails too?

    2. Coming soon to Essex in the old 'Conomo Cafe' which was briefly 'The Riverside': A new 'pan-Asian' place; now undergoing fast-track renovations and a 'We're Hiring!' banner out front. Stay tuned.

      1. I know the old Pop's location was supposed to completely remodeled with the focus on - wait for it - The Kitchen. I believe same owner as Marlieve so food will be good.

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        1. re: B squared

          Kitchen (not The Kitchen) opens tonight or tomorrow to the public for dinner; lunch starts sometime next week.

        2. It looks like something is gearing up to open in the old Zing Pizza space (?). There are signs pasted all over the windows but they are written in Japanese and I am unable to read them!

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          1. re: granolagurl

            I just noticed that last night, but was driving and it was dark so couldn't really focus. I was holding out hope (just a tiny bit) that Zing! might come back. Oh well. Best of luck to the new business there!

            1. re: Dea

              I don't know the name of the new business, but based on the look of the photos stuck on the window (and scans of Japanese magazine articles, all in Japanese), it certainly looks like this report from Eater was correct:

              1. re: Boston_Otter

                Nice investigative work! I am (crossing my fingers) that they will have vegetarian ramen.

          2. Shojo, a pan Asian place on the first floor of China Pearl in Ctown looks almost ready. The interior is a little kitschy in a Bubor cha cha way. I will miss the Chinese BBQ from China Pearl Cafe, which was my local favorite.