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May 30, 2012 05:52 AM

Where to find a good or great "boxed rice" in Chinatown?

Hi 'hounders,

I'm flying in to SF this Friday (flying out on June 6th) and would like to know where to find (便當; phonetically biàndāng) or literally translated from Cantonese "boxed rice" in Chinatown?

Basically, it's a takeout style kind of meal that is boxed with rice, a type of meat (may be roast BBQ pork, roast duck, or even chicken) with a vegetable side or two and my parents are craving a good one.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like Kam Po on Broadway right before the tunnel. Great roast pork!

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      I like the roast pig at Kam Po too. The skin is reliably bubbled and crunchy.

    2. Does it have to be in Chinatown? I ask because the lunch box we like is at Wing Lee on Clement St. for to-go orders. In fact, when a friend was packing up his moving boxes to leave SF for Paris, this was the last lunch I brought to him as a reminder of the inexpensive Chinese food we have in this City. The roast meats are all very good at Wing Lee and there's good turnover (ensuring freshness) on the steam table items to fill in the other selections. You can have white rice, sticky rice, fried rice, or chow mein. The steam table includes some pretty good salt and pepper prawns, plus various veggies or meat/veg combinations.

      For my favorite roast meats, Happy Bakery on Ocean Ave would be the place. No roast pig though. The char siu is made with the pricier tenderloin cut. The roast duck is top notch, my favorite in the City, and I also like the empress chicken (made with yellow feathered heritage bird). The soy sauce chicken is made in two grades, a standard commercial chicken or with the heritage bird. The vegetable side is only sauteed cabbage I think, so this is more of a rice and meat fest.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Technically, anywhere within SF.

        Thanks for the suggestions, Melanie & srr!

      2. FYI, the street in front of Kam Po is torn up now and traffic blocks up through the tunnel. I was stuck in the Broadway tunnel for 8 minutes trying to get to the chowdown in Dogpatch on friday.