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May 30, 2012 05:31 AM

Green's Vegitarian in San Antonio... okay for a business group?

My husband will be in downtown San Antonio next week for business, and we keep kosher, so the only option for going out with his group (doctors and other medical professionals) will be Green's. Knowing that it is casual... how is it for a group of 8 people? How is the food?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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  1. I have not been but the reviews on seem very positive -

    1. We go often. The cuisine is thoughtful, imaginative, and well executed. Some of the vegetables served are grown on the premises. They can handle a group of 8.

      1. A great spot to choose. Their food is delicious, versatile and they can easily handle 8 people.

        1. Why is Green your only option? I went there once and won't be back. My food was flavorless and dried out. How about Vegeria? It's a Vegan place that is near the airport, and their food is creative and delicious.