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May 30, 2012 04:51 AM

Ootoya japanese Teishoku restaurant now opened

On the recommendation of another CH'er E Eto, I went to Ootoya. They have over 100 restaurants in Tokyo ( 200 in Japan), Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, others in Singapore, Taiwan, Bangkok, and many more. It is described as Teishoku dining , or homestyle Japanese dining. They are now offering both the luncheon "set menu", and a dinner menu. There is nothing fancy here, it certainly reminded me of many restaurants I've been to in Japan. Just good food of all kinds. Char grilled fish ( salmon, mackerel and aji), Pork curry, veggie curry with noodles. The noodles are handmade, home made tofu dishes, they have pressed salmon and pressed mackerel sushi, shiokara, many chicken dishes, yakitori grilled in front of you. They have a few different desserts and all the green tea you want.
They presently do not have a liquor license but one is coming soon. The luncheon menu is not expensive and can be ordered for dinner. We had 2 sets ( katsy curry and veggie udon curry) it came with a kind of egg custard ( like chawanmushi but nothing in it), miso soup, pickles, rice,) we also ordered the fresh tofu , and an order of ika shiokara. The total bill was only $57. The dinner menu is more expensive, but "sets" are really the way to go here. Here is a link I found describing the food.

it is located on W. 18th St. just off 5th Ave.

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  1. The chawanmushi has ume puree on it, but yeah its not the best chawanmushi. I wish you could substitute it for tofu.

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      The chawanmushi I had , didn't have ume on it , just plain. I had the tofu, that was excellent

    2. Just stumbled on Ootoya via Yelp this afternoon. I was interested in a teishoku set, and my waiter recommended the grilled horse mackerel. It was terrific! An entire half side of fish, lightly grilled to just done, accompanied by a bunch of sides. The cuisine is very clean—no complex seasonings, in fact everything is lightly seasoned—which is just what I needed for a low-key meal.

      The warabimochi dessert is a delight, it just melts in the mouth.

      Oh yeah, and the free tea is actually quite good.

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        The tea is good! Ootoya is a good easy to eat at spot. I like the place. But I have only been there 3 times. I guess it's time to go back.

      2. They're alright for consistently decent, no-frills Japanese. If only Watami came to NY so I could order a massive piece of tamagoyaki, hiyayakko and random hot plate rice dishes... The latter chain offers izakaya-esque grub, and usually has a big menu.

        1. New Ootoya opening on 41st between 6th and Broadway - just spotted it today after work. Hopefully this will reduce some of the volume at the Union Square location; there can sometimes be a long wait there.

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            Oh that's good news. There isn't much to eat near theater district. that would be a good place to go.

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              went to the new location and I had one of the worst cases of new restaurant mishaps ever. Like 80% of the items weren't available because of an issue with the oven/broiler/grill. My softboiled egg on my tori kasan ni became a fully hard one when it finally arrived, I suspect it was ready midway during the 45+ minutes I had to wait for it.

              1. re: Shirang

                Oh well, it's those experiences that makes one appreciate a smooth running restaurant.

          2. Ah, I was just walking by one in Jakarta a couple of weeks ago; didn't see that one coming. But then again, GyuKaku seems to be opening all over the place too.

            I'd really like to have a few Matsuya in NYC- cheap vegetable curry with plenty of benishouga, barley tea and decent mass produced miso soup. That'd be most swell.