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May 30, 2012 12:57 AM

Zygomates Compared to Aquitaine ?

We ate here right after they opened and that seems long ago. I don't see it CH discussed. Anyone have recent experiences and/or how does it compare with Aquitaine? We're fans of the room, service and consistently excellent food at Aquitaine and now very curious about Zygomates.The menu looks v good. Also looks like they have a good raw bar , so might be a good suggestion for out of town visitors looking for seafood near the seaport. Thx much.

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  1. I work in the area and frequent Zygomates for lunch. Neither I nor any of my dining companions have ever been disappointed.

    1. Les Zyg's menu is more traditional and less pricey. It's a more serious wine bar (40 options by the glass), and surprisingly, it has a stronger cocktail program than Aquitaine. It has live music (mostly jazz) in one room, a rarity in Boston restaurants, while the other remains suitable for quiet conversation. It has a raw bar with daily dollar oysters for early birds.

      I like Aquitaine, especially for its lovely atmosphere and excellent service, but I find the menu to be a bit less traditional, more Americanized take on bistro French. Prices are similar to Les Zyg's, and neither changes its menu much The bar program is inconsistent, perhaps because good bartenders seem to move on to larger bars. But its location makes it easier for me than Les Zyg, and it has a good, reliable brunch.

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        terrifically helpful and detailed. thx mc. and thx richard for the lunch rec.

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          I contradicted myself there, initially saying Les Zyg was cheaper, which it used to be but really isn't anymore. It also has one luxe entree, a $44 prime ribeye entree that Aquitaine has nothing like.