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Why No Hound Raves for The Salty Pig?

Didn't know about this palce til I had some amazing cheeses from them the other night at an event. Could find no recent threads on them. Their menu looks v interesting. Smoked mushrooms? Yes, please! Recent experiences, anyone? thx.


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  1. Ate their with some hounds. Not very noteworthy. Snout to tail gone mainstream with all the adventure (and bones and chewy bits) taken out for you.

    e.g. boneless pigtail (wtf) turned into little hocky pucks not too far removed from chicken mcnuggets.

    1. I had a short-rib sandwich and a beer at the bar there for lunch recently, thought it was a good option for the neighborhood on that score, and better than its last three predecessors in that space. But I haven't explored the menu.


      1. The cheese and charcuterie is obviously not made in-house (unless it's under the table). But it's well curated. The pizza is all about the well-curated toppings. The patio is nice.

        1. We really like the place. We generally nibble on cheese and charcuterie. I have also had good salads. Not a huge fan of their pizza ...

          1. had a bite there in mid-april after a conference. the margarita pizza was excellent -- just sauce fresh mozz and basil -- and plenty for 2. a good bargain at $10.

            also tried a couple of small plates. the porchetta was flavorful, but sliced too thin to be juicy. the chicken liver mousse was delicious.

            1. Good option in the neighborhood and might hit up the patio more often in nicer weather, but not a huge destination spot. Menu/concept/dining experience it occupies the same space as Coppa, although, in my opinion, a couple dollars cheaper for a significant drop in food quality. ES alum runs the FOH and keeps the beer/cordials/wine selection on point. I don't know who's running the kitchen, but have been twice and was not disappointed or overwhelmed. Only charcuterie item made in-house was Chicken Liver Mousse, came in a small quenelle. Definitely not doing anything under the table, all items on the charcuterie side have an origin/source listed. Had a decent pizza and the accompaniments to charcuterie -- pickles, mustard, etc -- were satisfactory.

              Honestly, love the design of the menu, just would like to see a little more execution from the kitchen. There seems to be very little they pick up to order-- which would lead you to believe the few things they do cook would be done with a lot of care. I want to love this place but believe they could try a little harder in the back.

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                Agree with Maxin... SP is a similar menu concept to Coppa with a significant drop in quality/execution. Coppa was excellent, Salty Pig was good. I got a sample of the charcuterie and cheese and found nothing special about it at SP. They also charged me for extra bread. At Coppa, Jamie B came out of the kitchen and sliced the meats himself, explaining each one to me. Coppa also offered me a huge pile of homemade slices of bread to take home with my leftovers, which I devoured with eggs the next morning. N.B. Coppa's Coppa (short for Capocollo, I believe) made the best quick fry "bacon" I've ever had.

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                  So who has the best charcuterie place in town?

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                    max will respond for himself, but the one that easily gets the most CH and other raving is Coppa.

                2. I've been there a couple of times - the selling point for me is that it's across from Back Bay Station. I remember really loving the chicken liver mousse. The charcuterie selection might be boring, but none of it was of poor quality on either of my visits. I do remember DH thinking the pizzas weren't that great the last time we were there.

                  1. We love the Salty Pig. Usually, we go with the meats and cheeses, but last time we decided to try entrees, and we thought they were outstanding. We had the baked polenta, which was one of the most delicious versions I've had. I am not sure what's in it; probably a lot of cheese. But whatever they did to it, I was scraping the ramekin with my fork trying to get the last of it.

                    My partner had the roast pork dish, which surprisingly came seared on the outside and pink and cold on the inside. I suppose it isn't an issue with pork anymore, but you certainly don't see it served that way too often. Again, it was really delicious. The friend that was with us had the pizza with the arugula and fig jam and that was also really good.

                    We have tickets at the Lyric tomorrow and we will be going back there for dinner after the show.

                    1. New chef on board. Hoping to try it out after he settles in. Anyone tried him put yet(he's only been there 2 wks.)?


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                        I haven't but a colleague of mine went Wednesday night and had nothing but raves...and she's tough to please!