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May 29, 2012 09:56 PM

mail order crawfish

Hi A friend sent me hee saying people here has had some luck ordering some crawfish online. if anyone HAS had any luck can you help me out by linking me to a place where i go and can you tell me if they come fresh or frozen? im not looking for frozen at all as I have had the best luck cooking with fresh ones and most frozen ones dont come whole.... thk

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  1. You arent going to find whole frozen crawfish anywhere I dont believe, but there are good quality frozen tails out there if you are looking o cook with crawfish. The quality of Louisiana crawfish is usually miles ahead of imported asian crawfish. Id be willing to bet the frozen crawfish you cooked with previously were the inferior imported crawfish becuase most crawfish on the market are imported. You have to be very careful with labeling nowadays, even some of the imported crawfish are being packed in louisiana now so they can list louisiana on the label, but if you read the fine print they are imported from china.

    These are what I would suggest you try

    You can also have live crawfish shipped, but it is ridiculously expensive.

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      well Im from new orleans and so i only know ONE way of cooking crawfish. yep them alive and WHOLE. i much rather spend money on getting them sent to me FRESH aka ALIVE then buy frozen ones. the reason i said that frozen and fresh aka live still when cooking to me makes a huge difference. plus there no fun in just eating the tail. half the fun to me was tearing the tail off and all that jazz. but this website has fresh crawfish whooo

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        Oh you are boiling them! Yes, live is the ONLY way to go. assumed you were using them for an etouffe or stew or something. If you are just going to be eating crawfish boiling them live is the only choice. The season is petering out if not prety much over, so if you want some you better act quickly!

        Im a native New Orleanian as well, and although I made it home to get some crawfish around easter Im craving big as your face softshell crabs right now! I htink a trip home will be in order very soon!

    2. Where do you live? In Ohio, I find them in Walmart, Giant Eagle, and Meijers in the frozen fish section. They are usually on the bottom shelf in 3-5# bags. I think it's usually Bernard's.

      Yes, they may not be as good as in or around the quarter, but enjoying them when ever I want at a moments notice is nice!

      1. Be aware that most states require an importation permit for live crawfish. There are many different species of crawfish and the non-native ones are considered invasive species.

        1. We just did some from this last weekend. Having been directed there by our regular fish guy. It was our first crawfish cooking experience at home, but they turned out great.

          There were a couple drawbacks though. The minimum order size is 10 lbs, so you have to get a lot. There were also maybe up to a pound of dead crawfish in our order. This could have been because we kept them over night before cooking them as they couldn't be delivered the day we wanted , a Sunday, or maybe they just came that way.
          As it was our first time dealing in that large a quantity of crawfish I don't know if that is a normal amount of waste or not.

          Overall a very pleasant experience that we intend to repeat.


            They most certainly sell and ship live crawfish.

            States vary with their rules, some due require a stocking permit, which are sometimes free. The catalog has their shipping info. Also, call the phone number. This is a very old school business, I don't know how often they really check their e-mail.