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May 29, 2012 09:03 PM

Cafe Pinot questions re BYOB and theatre shuttle

We're going to Cafe Pinot for a Tuesday pre-theatre dinner. They don't charge corkage and I know we should bring good wine not on their list. I'm planning on bringing champagne + wine. Is it an impostion to do so when that'll entail 2 different glasses? If that's okay, how should we increase the tip to reflect the fact we BYOB'd?

Then a theatre shuttle question. Is there a Cafe Pinot-only shuttle or is it one shuttle that serves a number of downtown restaurants? I just want to make certain we're not waiting a long time for the shuttle on either end or that we'll be dropping off at a number of restaurants a la Super Shuttle at the airport which I did once and swore never again. We will have 2 cars so we could just leave one car and forgo the shuttle. Thanks.

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  1. RE: BYOB. Not an imposition, but you should certainly make your gratitude clear and known with your tip(s).

    RE: Shuttle. I'm pretty sure it's a communal shuttle, but you just let the restaurant know when your show is, and when you plan on leaving the restaurant, and when you pay your bill and walk out the shuttle will be right there waiting for you. Just make sure to call ahead and make these arrangements with Cafe Pinot.

    Enjoy your night out.

    1. If Cafe Pinot's shuttle is communal, it really won't be a long wait. The shuttles usually leave pretty quickly after the show and they don't serve restaurants that are particularly spread out. In the few instances where I've been on communal shuttles, the extra stops added no more than about 5 minutes to the trip.

      I'll be curious to hear how the food is. Despite being a subscriber to the Ahmanson and LA Opera, and preferring to have pre-theater dinners at restaurants with shuttles, my last trip to Cafe Pinot several years ago was so terrible that I refuse to go back,

      1. They're very cool about corkage, 2 glasses each isn't a problem.

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          It sounds like the shuttle is no problem, ditto pouring champagne + wine so thanks on that. Fingers crossed for a better experience than you had 2 years ago Jwsel. I'll report back.