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May 29, 2012 08:42 PM

America Eats

I'll be back in DC next week for the first time in a year. I plan on going to America Eats on Saturday. Can anyone give me an updated review/opinion of the place? I found some reviews from a year ago that weren't so nice. I just want to know if it has gotten better and thus worth a try. Thanks.


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  1. Excellent cocktails, painfully small portions, exhorbitant prices. Unlike most, I think the non-traditional ketchups were a tasty throwback to the days before HFCS glop. It's one of those rare restaurants that you go to when you aren't hungry.

    1. The cocktails are indeed excellent. So are the biscuits. Don't do dinner. Go for brunch, lunch or the oyster happy hour. Loved the oyster po' boy, and the Hangtown Fry was really good. Really, really good. So were the dollar oysters.

      ...Apparently I really like oysters. Who knew?

      1. I agree with both comments so far. We went for a Saturday lunch/brunch. I had the oyster po' boy and agree it was tasty. My friend had the eggs Benedict and while she loved it, there was not a lot there. My deconstructed key lime pie was excellent.

        1. If you are expecting excellent traditional versions of old time historical favorites your expectations will not be met. It is IMHO very interesting, but it is modern deconstructions of historical dishes as monkey said- generally small portions. It is a really neat experience and the cocktails are special, but adjust your expectations accordingly....