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May 29, 2012 08:40 PM

Little Thailand

I read some old posts about this place out east past the airport, but nothing within the last several years... anyone been recently? Any can't miss dishes? Is this still the king of thai food in the austin area?

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  1. It's been years since I've been, but I'd say it's less so that it's the king of thai food, and more so, that it's a unique, quirky, and very "Austiny" experience. The food is pretty run of the mill, relatively speaking. The magic was in the location, the bar, and the owners, one of whom has passed away IIRC.

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    1. re: puddles

      Ditto puddles reply. It was the travel and the experience (for me) more than the food. But I only went twice, so I'm not an expert.

      1. re: rudeboy

        There is a trailer called "Little Thailand" on the east side of South First, just south of Barton Springs Road. Is there a connection? Any tried it?

        1. re: travisleroy

          Yeah, it's definitely not the best Thai food you've ever had, but the place is awesome as far as the experience goes. The sad thing is that Dick passed on, and his wife runs the place now. She did all the cooking to begin with, so I'm sure that hasn't changed, but one of the best parts about going there was going to the weird bar in the back where Dick would make you really strong drinks and chat with you. He was definitely a cool dude.

          I hope they've got somebody attempting to at least somewhat fill his shoes in the back bar... has anybody been recently?

          1. re: travisleroy

            travisleroy -- the trailer on S. 1st street is called "Little Thai Food". I've eaten there several times, and without getting into the silly "but it's not REAL Thai food" argument, it's quite solid.