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May 29, 2012 06:41 PM

orange marmelade syrup

We are orange marmalade junkies, so much so that we don't refrigerate a jar as it goes so fast. Consequently, there's always about a teaspoon of weeped marmalade syrup in the jar each day or so. I'm thinking I could save this, and it would make a flavorful addition to something--but what? What comes to mind is an addition to a rum drink, drizzling over a cake, and...?

Any other suggestions? I could get half a cup of this in no time because we eat so much of it.

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  1. Use it as a glaze for roasted chicken breasts. Butterfly 'em, glaze 'em, roast 'em. Brush on more as they roast. Better yet, butterfly a whole chicken and roast it with the glaze.
    Great for pork too.

    1. Thanks! Now that has me thinking that maybe it could be combined with soy sauce for some sesame orange beef stir fry, or even with soy sauce to marinade chicken.

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        OK; looks like you've got it. Now, run with it and let us know what comes out of the oven or the stir fry. Be sure to stock up on lots of napkins.

      2. Pork chops! Citrusy pork glaze is to die for, especially on the grill. I reckon you could put it on salmon or shrimp if you're into that candied seafood thing. ;) In the fall/winter, you could save it for a ham!

        GOD, orange marmalade is delicious.

        1. Mash it up with butter and some sriracha and serve on top of pan-fried snapper breaded with pecan and panko, letting the butter melt down into a sauce.

          1. Add it to a bellini next time you're in the mood for a cocktail.
            Spread on stone fruit and grilled
            Over ice cream or frozen yogurt
            Def. over any pound cake or plain cheesecake
            I love orange marm on toasted rye with goat cheese
            Spread on a brie round and baked.