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May 29, 2012 06:27 PM

Please Advise on My Upcoming Trip Picks

My husband and I will be in New Orleans this Saturday through Wednesday. I've researched the boards and my picks are as follows:

Dinners -
Restaurant August
Green Goddess

Lunches -
Cochon Butcher
Willie Mae's Scotch House

I'm debating on whether or not to get the degustation menu at August or to choose from the regular menu. I'm particularly interested in the gnocchi, crab tempura, the lamb, and the blueberry pavlova. Can anyone make a recommendation here? Any other standout dishes?

We'll probably do the happy hour pizzas from Domenica for a late lunch/early dinner on one of the days.

I'm really tempted by all the discussion about the deliciousness of Mr. B's barbequed shrimp, but I'm a little intimidated by unshelled shrimp with heads. I wouldn't even know where to begin with how to eat those.

We will also be hitting The Old Coffee Pot for bourbon pecan pie, Leah's Pralines for pralines, and Central Grocery for muffs to take home with us.

I'd love any comments and specific dish recommendations on my picks. Am I going wrong anywhere here? Anything else I should consider?

That's a lot of questions! Thanks!

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  1. I have dined at many (most?) of those choices, and see no real problems in it.

    We have loved Restaurant August, and have had the full tasting menu several times. However, I would always check out the courses, and maybe keep a la carte in the back of my mind. While we love many "tasting menus," we often turn our backs, and go form the menu. Just did 8 days at Blackberry Farm, and one every evening, when we were not in a culinary event, we ordered from the menu. Previous trip, we ordered the "Chef's Tasting Menu" for every dinner. It just depends.

    It has been too long, since we dined at Wille Mae's, so others will need to tell you how it's doing now.

    We have also never done Stanley! for lunch, but only breakfast. Each time was great. Though it was not the cheapest, we found it well worth the price. Service was always very good to great.

    Domenica really went the "extra mile" for us, so I might not be the most objective critic. The food was very good, and he service (they had many reasons to let down here, but did not) was, well, over he top. They impressed me greatly, to the point of the chef telling us that he'd send a server to Popeye's for chicken, as M-I-L only ate chicken, and loved Popeye's. That was not necessary, but the offer was there, none the less.

    The Old Coffee Pot has been a favorite of mine, since I stumbled out of Pat O'Brien's, just after dawn, maybe 35 - 40 years ago, only to fall into Maxie's Coffee Pot. The servers were as good to me then, as they are now. The menu has not changed all that much, and we still host friends from elsewhere there, and all have loved it.



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    1. Green Goddess recently lost its dinner service chef (Chirs DeBarr). Not sure how or if that will affect the dining experience but is something to keep an eye on.

      I heartily recommend going to Mr. B's. While the bbq shrimp are not the easiest to eat, that is part of the fun (along with the bib and the $1.50 cocktails). Plus, they are so dang delicious. Mr. B's could sub in for Herbsaint for a lunch and Herbsaint could then move to a dinner.