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May 29, 2012 05:06 PM

Need help with Sunday dinner.

I will be in town on a Sunday in September and I would appreciate some help narrowing down my dinner choices.

I'm considering Kyo Ya, Del Posto, wd~50, Craft, Peter Luger

Some places I've been to already and liked:

The Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare
per se
15 east
Le Bernardin
Ssam Bar
Spotted Pig

Thoughts on the places I'm considering or any that I've overlooked?

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  1. There are millions of incredible restaurants in this city. Can you be more specific about what kind of food, atmopshere, and price you are looking for? That way people will be able to give you more specific recommendations.

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    1. re: steakrules85

      I really don't have any constraints, I'm up for any type of food, price doesn't matter. I'm looking for the best restaurant I haven't been to yet that's open on Sundays.

      Currently I'm leaning towards Kyo Ya, as I've never had a traditional Kaiseki dinner. I have been to Urasawa in LA and enjoyed that a lot but I don't think that would be considered Kaiseki.

    2. Based on your previous likes, Kyo Ya or the new tasting-menu-only format WD-50 would probably be your best bets. I'd leave Luger off the list - they're great, sure, but... you can probably get a good steak where you're from. Looking over your previous posts, I'm guessing you're from either SF or Chicago? That's where you've posted the most, at least.

      Del Posto is great, though I prefer the vibe (and often the food) at Babbo. Craft is also excellent, but the food isn't as "cheffy" as some of your other choices / previous likes, at least not in terms of creativity (in execution, it's flawless of course...)

      Of the two left, it's hard to say - Wylie would provide you with a similar experience to some of the others you've liked - he's a big influence on the Momofuku gang, and his tasting menu would likely be comparable to what Ko puts out - obviously, no way to know what any resto will have on the menu come September. Kyo Ya would be a whole different kind of experience. Serene, exquisite. I'd say if you want something playful/fun, more in-your-face flavors, WD. Something more subtle, more romantic, Kyo Ya.

      I suppose I could list a few places you might have overlooked, but I'm hesitant to as the more that get listed the more confusing it becomes... You've got a decent list to start with already...

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      1. re: sgordon

        Thanks for the recs. I haven't seen any recent reports of wd-50 since the menu got overhauled. Has anybody tried out the new menu?

        1. re: PorkyBelly

          There have been a number of reviews for the tasting menus in the past - mostly very positive. The only major difference is that there aren't a la carte options (except at the bar) anymore.