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May 29, 2012 04:49 PM

Great Gluten Free Food that's healthy and not over processed

Please let me know if you have had any fantastic gluten free food in Sf (or the bay area )
desserts especially !

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    1. I sampled some stuff at Mariposa without realizing it was gluten-free.

      1. The best cornbread I've ever had. Warning: It's nothing like "southern" cornbread. Moist and dense. They make it on Fridays and Saturdays; it usually sells out early.

        821 B Street
        San Rafael

        1. I am searched high and low for good GF food and found a few things I like. Healthy though - well honestly I would just stick to the many many wonderful products that are naturally GF.

          What do you mean by healthy and not overly processed desserts. Also, do you want things that are at a gluten-free only bakery? Are you celiac or just want gluten free food (as in it doesn't matter if there is slight cross-contamination)?

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            On the Penisula Zest bakery has some good stuff. I think their pie crust is good, but I haven't had it in a sweet setting. Their muffins and quick breads are generally good as are their cookies. Miglets in Danville does cupcakes primarily, but their key lime tart is pretty tasty when they have it. Taste of Happiness sells cupcakes at Philz (at least they used to). They are totally different but I like them. Mariposa has a good brownie and quickbreads. My son likes their cinnamon rolls, but I am not as much of a fan.

            For non-gluten free facilities that do GF things, DeLisa dessert cafe has a GF brownie that is good and may eventually do other things. Dynamo does a donut (fried in the same oil, so I haven't had it but my husband who doesn't typically like GF things says it was good). Three Babes Bake shop usually has a pie - they make their own grahams for the crust and several places make flourless chocolate cakes. Mochi or many japanese sweets are GF.

          2. There are a few great places in Marin. San grocery store in San Rafael has a great kitchen that makes great tasting food in a casual setting. The store carries a variety of packaged food but also hosts something called "Fresh Friday" with fresh bread and desserts from around the bay area.

            In Fairfax Lydia's Kitchen is wonderful for gluten free, vegan meals. Lydia takes time preparing dishes that would otherwise go unseen. Her food is nutritious and stays with you through-out the day. She has great desserts too.