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May 29, 2012 04:38 PM

Has anyone ever braved K & A Canton Restaurant in the Cheviot Hills Shopping Center?

Does it compare to Hop Li (which I actively like) or Twin Dragon (if I still lived nearby I would go when the craving for Hot and Sour soup came on urgently). Hu's Szechuan is also nearby - I've only had take out, my understanding is that it is Twin Dragon-esque.

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    1. In a word, Americanized food. I do give them props for lasting since the late 1990s, but one visit was enough.

      1. I like Hu's for the lunch combo specials. I only order the twice-cooked pork (w/o tofu), the kung pao chicken (with extra sauce) or the eggplant (if I can share with someone). I like the hot'n'sour soup (with a dash of soy and hot chili oil) and I appreciate the little Chinese chicken salad that makes me think I'm eating healthier. Beware of the other dishes, for example the sweet and sour meats are incredibly bready and insipid.

        1. I did, finally. I started simple, pan fried dumplings and hot and sour soup. Not successful. Totally plausible there is something the cook is really good at. Not these.