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May 29, 2012 03:28 PM

Decently priced fun restos in New Orleans June 1-2 for 10 year anniversary

My husband and I are spending this weekend in new Orleans for our 10 year anniversary. We are being joined by another couple. We are looking for decently priced ($20/entree) resto choices. What do we like? Everything but formal French or Italian. We have been here many times (my husband grew up on the north shore and lived here for many years) and our friends are from Baton Rouge. So we have eaten many Cajun and creole meals, and eaten at all of the classics (commanders, Antoine's, etc.). Won't turn up our nose at something a little different. I like low down and funky but it isn't a requirement. We like a good drink but can go upscale also. Location can be varied as we have a car and know the area. Just looking for something new, or local, or a real favorite. Dinner will probably be followed by live music so it can be light.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I had a *great* dinner Saturday night at Dick & Jenny's -- funky only-in-NOLA atmosphere, really good cocktails, delicious food (we had cornmeal-crusted oysters, sweet/spicy scallops and shrimp, smoked duck breast and vanilla creme brulée), enjoyable service. And it's a mere block from Tipitina's Uptown. I think you'd have a wonderful time there. Sit in the front room decorated with the handpainted plates!

    1. Cochon maybe?

      I think the average entree price is a bit closer to $23 but the food is very good and the atmosphere is fun.

      1. The Munch Factory. You can call to find out if you can bring your own wine and pay corkage. Other than that, when we went, friends of mine urged me to order the chicken and I am so glad I did. Amazing. And my boyfriend's blackened redfish tasted as though it had jumped out of the water into the pan and onto his plate. Since you have a car, you can go there, and then head ot to wherever you want to hear music. I have only eaten here once, but I really love it. It's a family, neighborhood place with amazingly well crafted food.