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May 29, 2012 02:51 PM

Clio 15th Anniversary Dinner on 6/5?

I read on Eater Boston a while back that June 5 was going to be the big 15th anniversary dinner at Clio's, with big name chefs from around the country coming in to cook and cook and cook some more. The article claimed Clio's official site as the source but haven't been able to find/confirm any further details there or anywhere else...anybody know what the scoop is?

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  1. sorry, have no info re this event, but i came on to warn you away from a dinner of Clio's food. Went recently and will never go back. and their dining room is AWFUL. conversation not possible, bad circulation, mediocre service. Can't tell you how disappointed we were (4 of us).

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      My experience at Clio was very good and I would go back. And I totally respect OpinionatedChef -- this is probably the first time our opinions have varied.

    2. my experience with clio has been markedly different than oc's.

      if you are able to get a table, i would book in a heartbeat. it won't all be "clio" food, but will be food from some major playahs. including guys for whome ken worked and guys who learned from him. it will be a fun night, but you are at the whim of however many chefs. if you can exhale -- go!

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        If one judges a restaurant (as some people do) based on how "authentically" the hostess smiles at you, how engaging your server is, or whether they say goodbye as you leave, then perhaps Clio is not for you. If on the other hand, one is looking for creativity and execution in the food, then Clio is in the top tier in Boston and indeed in the Northeast, especially in their tasting menu. I still remember one Clio anniversary dinner, perhaps their 5th anniversary, where Iron Chef Morimoto prepared a simple congee w/ marinated otoro on top, which knocked my socks off.

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          no need for smarminess, bw. if the food had been wonderful, we would have been just thrilled. but the only wonderful thing any of us tasted was the sweet set down with the check.
          We all noted that what Clio seemed to be about, for us, was plates of little dabs of rare ingredients, with entrees that none of us found really delicious(i.e. you can't wait to go back and have that again.) So glad you had chef M's great dish; but that's not Clio's food, obviously
          And maybe the OP won't have Clio food either and will have amazing food from the visiting team; all the better imo. (And if you have great food at Clio, i'm happy for you.)

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            If that was your impression of the food there, you might also want to avoid other higher end places, such as O Ya, Troquet, Journeyman, and even Craigie, which also tend to strive for creativity and novelty of ingredients over quantity and familiarity. Certainly you would not want to recommend those restaurants to visitors without trying them first. Obviously restaurants that have the skills, talent and vision to take such risks are not going to please everybody (including myself) with every dish, which is why a tasting menu is often a good way to go at such places for those who are not familiar with the restaurant's offerings or style of food.

            1. re: barleywino

              bw, creativity and deliciousness, together, are the things I appreciate most in a restnt.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                Out of curiosity have you been to O Ya? I've seen your recommendation a lot, but think I remember a relatively recent comment that you hadn't been.
                If I remember correctly Barleywino and I sparred a bit about O Ya in a long ago thread -- I've kept my mouth shut about it since realizing that I'm just not a good judge of the place since it's not a cuisine I love or know much of anything about, price aside (my real bugaboo). It is a very expensive place to recommend if you haven't been yourself.

                1. re: ebaba

                  ebaba, no hard feelings, i hope-- everybody has a different take on these things! point well taken that recommendations should be based on personal experience

                  1. re: barleywino

                    Goodness of course not! None whatsoever.
                    I think O Ya recs have always raised a flag with me only because it is (to my wallet) so very expensive -- so steering someone there should absolutely come from having experienced it oneself.
                    And I personally have suggested to friends that they try places I may never have tried but have heard good things about, and which I know to be cheap. But never to a stranger and never in a public forum, even the cheapest hole in the wall.

      2. Recent experience at Clio with the tasting menu was really good when we went in early May. Creative food and elegantly plated, and very satisfying to the tummy. The staff was very mindful of our time restraints and courteous. Training between presenters was inconsistent, as I heard different descriptions of the same course at other tables, but it was still a solid experience for the fine dining scene in Boston.