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oysters in vancouver

coming this Thursday. Where do i go for the best raw oysters? are there any buck a shuck deals that are worth checking out?

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  1. Although they don't have deals, I always go to Rodney's Oyster Bar for my oyster fix.
    Joe Fortes also has some good oysters.
    And I think I recently read on here that Monk McQueens has oyster deals.

    1. Oyster Raw Bar has 50c a shuck from 3pm to 5?pm. Look for them on Twitter for details.

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        Recalling some confusion about the discounts at Oyster last year, the website is still kinda wrong: http://www.rawbar.ca/Location%20and%2...

        In case the OP doesn't do the Twitter thing, I just called and talked to a human who carefully outlined the following:

        3-4 pm Mon-Thu 50 cents a shuck

        4-5pm Mon-Sat buck a shuck

        5-7 pm Mon-Sat 1.25 a shuck

        Also for the OP: this place is lovely inside, housed in a beautiful heritage building downtown but it is VERY small.

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          IME the Best raw Oysters are to be found @ various high end Japanese sushi bars-both quality and selection.

      2. Aw criminy.

        What this all means, bottom line is - I need to get to Vancouver!

        1. google turned up this list of buck-a-shucks from Oct 2011

          There's also Chewies at 1.50 per

          In my limited buck-a-shuck experience, seems you get what you pay for FTIW.

          Joe Fortes, Yew, Blue Water, Rodneys are all great.

          1. if you want a really impressive platter of like 40+ oysters, the dollar/oyster is pretty cool most places. just know that these are kinda the rejects at certain places. i had the happy hour at coast, not fresh at all. i do like rodney's sitting at the bar, lots of action. joe fortes is good if you want to go beyond the oysters to other food, nice old fashioned decor too. blue water, i'd skip the oysters and try the cooked seafood specialties. theres also a sorta new place called cork and fin in gastown, if youre walking around there.

            1. Oyster Express in Chinatown is open. No idea what it's like but it's run by a former Rodney's Shucker

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                I drove by there and wondered what that place was about. Thanks for the intel,

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                  When we went there were around 11 varieties of oysters, ranging from the usual (miyagis, kusshis, Fanny Bays) to the more infrequent (Pacificas, etc), $2.25 to $3.25. A few oyster themed appetizers (a stew, smoked oysters). Menu included other items: veggie chili, "Jamaican style" veggie curry, etc. Not licensed yet. Place is small, seats around 16 tops. Open early (oysters for breakfast).

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                    They're at Keefer and Gore and have buck a shuck from 4-6 pm Tues Wed Thur per the website http://www.oysterexpress.ca/menu.html

                    I wonder where the OP ended up.

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                      does anyone here ever buy the osysters we see in plastic bottles (shucked) at the supermarket? They are labelled as coming from coastal BC

                      if you do buy them - i am curious as to when (are there certain months?) and where (which store?) and how you might prepare them at home

                      with due respect to the orginal poster and the subsequent posts --- tho all interesting - the raw oyster is not our scene. But it is fun to go to the Oyster Bar in Grand Central in NYC --- yes, a cliche, but very real at the same time in our opinion. It's a good place to wait for friends coming in to the city etc.. It's pretty funny to see all those fancy names of pac nw osyters on the GC-NYC chalk board - and yet as kids around here in GREATER Vanc - we'd just go and gather (with our parents of course, in the right seasons and locations etc) --- in the decades gone by. Be assured, the oyster "knife" for shucking was for sure off limits for the kids.

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                        We buy them at Christmas for oyster stuffing.

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                          Typically use them for Motoyaki or in a Cajun prawn and oyster pasta recipe. Aside from that we usually get the smaller live ones like kumamoto or kushi's and have them with a mignonette sauce.

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                            They are good for panko breading and frying. Crispy on the outside, oystery in the middle.

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                              Speaking of fried breaded Oysters anyone have any recommendations as to where to find them in a downtown restaurant?


                              As to Oyster Express I cycled by yesterday-a curious long time local had just poked her head inside and emerged looking befuddled.

                  2. Just adding my 2 cents. Chewies and Oysters Express are both opened by former Rodney's schuckers. They do have a good selection of oysters (8-10 choices). And oysters does have the buck a schuck tue-thurs as fmed posted, but no liquor license.

                    I've stopped going to Rodney's for a few years. The experience does not meet the hype. It's loud and service hasnt been good. Joe Fortes is another popular local spot for oysters. But I actually prefer Coast esp when they have oyster specials.

                    Rawbar's is really small and they have a tendency to be slow and limit your oyster special deals.

                    GS, I have bought oysters in containers. Most recently to bring it to richmond public market(RPM) to get the stall Fu Yuan to make some Fujian style oyster omelette. And to make some Korean pancake (Pajeon), I've also used them for baked and grilled oysters. The varieties vary, as do the prices.

                    1. Too late for the OP but to keep the list up to date, reported on UD forum that Divino on Commercial Drive has closed and will become Merchant's Oyster Bar.

                      1. Thanks to everybody for all their help!! Vancouver was great. Rodneys oysters and staff were excellent. very enjoyable trip!!

                        1. Merchants on commercial does buck a shuck from 5-6:30

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                            Is it back? Last I saw they said Buck-a-Shuck was on hold because of red