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May 29, 2012 02:23 PM

Best place for dinner in Yuba City????

Travelling to Yuba City tomorrow for a graduation - where should I take the family for a celebratory dinner??

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  1. Large Sikh population in Yuba City so Indian would be a good choice. You missed our own favorite which is the food booths at the Memorial Day weekend Sikh-American Friendship Organization - worth a trip.

    City Cafe on Plumas Street used to be the nicest place in Yuba City according to someone who used to live in this area but not sure what it is like today. There is an old historic Silver Dollar Saloon in Marysville which has a lot of character, but mainly steakhouse menu and in an evocative part of town considering this used to be the third largest city in California during the Gold Rush Days after Sacramento and SF. Happy graduation..

    For breakfast, coffee and casual the lovely Brick Cafe in downtown Marysville is also a nice place to drop by and enjoy their cool courtyard and people watch just about everyone in Marysville drop by - this is a sleeper of a little town with some lovely homes and small town feeling. Watching guys in bib overalls, dusty boots and rusty pick-up trucks come in to the Brick and order a latte shows how far we have come in appreciating the wide range of tastes that is now "California cuisine".

    1. Unfortunately, you have a big problem for a ”celebratory dinner”. Drive to Sacramento if at all possible. I would recommend Waterboy’s, Mulvaney’s, Biba’s, Press Bistro, etc. in Sacramento. City Café in Yuba City is expensive and not very good. The Refuge is not good. I avoid the Bonanza. I also avoid Marcello's Italian Restaurant, which I find extremely disappointing, but then I go to Italy every year and eat in the finest Italian restaurants in SF and LA otherwise, so I’m jaded. Ethnic food is about the best choice in Yuba City, i.e. Mexican, East Indian, Asian, etc. Sopa Thai gets good reviews. Pasquini’s (Italian) in Lomo about 7 mi. north of Yuba City on Hwy 99 may be the best semi-fine dining option. Chains are the rule in Yuba City, so if you especially like Applebee’s, Chilie’s, In & Out Burgers, Lumberjacks, Red Robin, etc., you are in luck.

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        Yuba City confirms the wisdom of my "When in Doubt, Go for the Swedish Pancakes at IHOP" fall back approach when visiting chain land cities.

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          Unfortunately Sopa Thai has been mistakenly altered for American tastes. Their dishes are heavily sweetened. The pad Thai I had there tasted like strange Thai candy.

          If you want some authentic Thai or Lao food I suggest Asian Cuisine or the recently re-opened Pad Thai Cuisine.

        2. I have often wondered whether there is anyplace in town that serves some really good soymilk skin.

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            I guess nobody got this. Soymilk skin is commonly known as "yuba" -- well, THFTR?