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May 29, 2012 02:05 PM

August in Wellfleet MA ...breakfast, lunch, dinner, ice cream

We will be vacationing in Wellfleet the third week in August. We love seafood and usually enjoy some combination of fine dining and casual meals. Willing to travel to Provincetown as well.

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  1. Welfleet in August should be wonderful. And there are many varied and terrific gems for dining of all types. Enjoy!

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      I am in W'Fleet often:

      Macs Shack for sushi sort of ambrosial delights, great bar drinks, fun vibe
      Pearl - upper deck for decent food and fun vibe and drinks- raw bar too, naturally
      PB Boulangerie - baked French pastries (Jillian dined here with 3 others, one non drinker and it was 400.00
      Blackfish - Truro eats amazing
      Tera Luna - Truro original chef is back

      1. re: phelana

        I second Mac's shack and blackfish.
        also Vincent's in PTown

        For casual lobster we like Moby Dick's ( i know, no respect here, but my opinion). They also have a wedge salad way better than the trendy places which are doing it.

        There is really good ice cream across from the Truro school on rt 6

        1. re: magiesmom

          Mac's Shack (best sushi) and Blackfish in Truro for sure!
          Ice cream in Truro at Sweet Escape,
          Pizza next door at Savory!
          PB is great as long as you can wait.....
          August in 'Fleet ... Priceless!

          1. re: magiesmom

            Vincent's in PTown? Not familiar, or did you mean Victor's?

            1. re: Dan D

              Dan D, Jillian and I are going to Victor's Drag Brunch the 10th..cannot WAIT


        2. Along with Mac's we like Wicked Oyster (hear they have really good breakfast too though we never tried) and Winslow Tavern, both for dinner. Go to Winslow when they have free entertainment-usually a band. Used to be on Thursday evenings.

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          1. re: thos

            I'm a big fan of the Wicked Oyster, including for breakfast- the simplest of things done with quality and care. We also really enjoy Moby Dick's- mainly for fried oysters, scallops, clams and basic lobster dinners, but their menu is extensive and well done as long as you don't mind the clam shack atmosphere. I 2nd all of phelana's suggestions -except I haven't tried Tera Luna, but have had multiple excellent or better meals at all the others. Mac's also has a seafood market in Eastham- their fish pates are delicious, and a lovely selection of fresh stuff if you care to cook. We have also had solid meals at Van Rensalear's. It's not a hip atmosphere, to be sure, but the food is good and reasonably priced, especially considering many of the dishes are available in smaller portions. Good or better meals also at Catch of the Day.

            1. re: thos

              Had dinner at Winslow last week. Service was a bit off (three of us were served our entrees ten min. before the fourth) but the food was excellent. Mussels were terrific and the cioppino was fantastic!
              Struck out at the WO the last two times there and don't know if we'll try it a third time.

            2. For ice cream, A Nice Cream Shop which is in the center of Wellfleet, serves Emack and Bolio. Also, Macs on the Pier for soft and hard ice cream. Not the best ice cream, but can't beat a walk on the dock with the ice cream cone dripping down your arm from the warm sea breeze

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              1. re: Leslie

                We always go to Moby Dick's. We love the atmosphere and the husband and wife owner are always there helping out and chatting. It's byob so that is fantastic and the staff is ready to give you ice buckets and glasses for your beer and wine. I usually get the fried filet of scrod, so simple and perfectly done. Didn't know about the salad wedge, will definitely try next time.

                1. re: diakon

                  Flying Fish Cafe, which is downtown near the surf shop is one of our favorites. Excellent breakfast.