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May 29, 2012 01:15 PM

CHARMY Fish and Chips... located in East York, Toronto

Last week I was at Eglinton Square Mall doing some shopping and was craving for some authentic fish n chips nearby so I asked some people and they suggested I go to this place called Charmy Fish n Chips located southwest along O'Connor near the big purple bowling ally on the southside (probably like 10 min). I didn’t expect much when I got there... It was a small diner and it wasn't packed at the time, but it had an authentic 80's look to it. I tried their daily special and I couldn't believe how good the fish n chips was and only for the price of 9.75$ including tax, which includes pop, coleslaw, 1 halibut and chips. The fish was lightly battered with an even crispiness that you can cut it with a fork without cracking and the taste of halibut is still there inside. The fries were not dry in the inside at all and the portions are HUGE! I could barely finish it. This place also offers liquor and the service is very friendly... its definitely a nice place to grab fish n chips and a beer!

The asked the people that go their often love the place, so I suggest those who live in the East York who don’t know this about this place to try this place out it or those driving by it is only 5 minutes drive from the Eglinton exit east on DVP, It is definitely up there with the other fish n chip shops in T.O( like Duckworths and British Style)

I am definitely coming back to this place when I'm around the area...

The address of this place is:
1549 O'Connor Dr. Toronto Ontario

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  1. That's the first time I've heard anyone refer to "an authentic 80s look"... :)

    1. Oh my gosh, I am dying to go now!!
      thanks for sharing.
      And a beer, oh mama.

      1. Even though I've been there quite a few times I never made note of the name of the place. I think of it "in the same plaza as the Printing House."

        But yeah, really good! Comparable to what is served at British, Duckworths and the place on Laird which is always busy. And it's name escapes me...

        Love Charmy's charming stale 70's decor.