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May 29, 2012 12:44 PM

La Super Rica daily specials? Santa Barbara

Any Chowhounders know the Super Rica specials by day? I'm trying to decide which day to go on my one week trip to SB. I am really hoping to score some mushroom tacos, so if anyone knows which day those are on please tell me!

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  1. The write the specials on a chalk board so not sure what schedule they have. You might want to call them and tell them when you are there and maybe they just might accommodate what you are looking for. Small and personal operation still. Or talk to the owner who is usually behind the order counter and let him know when to come back -- or just stick around and have the #15 Tocino Special - the one that has hooked me now for decades and I don't even try anything else.

    1. The one special that I know is that chicken sopes are served on Tuesdays. One of my friends who is a long-time fan chided me for not getting the chicken sopes when he learned I'd been there on a Tuesday.

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        Monday and Thursdays are chilaquiles days and Sunday is Pozole. They also have a great chicken and potato enchilada on Thursdays (i think?) and at least one other day. The number #16 Superica special is everyday! Call them during a slow time (mid afternoon) and I'm sure they would give you a rundown.

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          Here is the phone number for La Superica:

          One of the reviewers said the mushroom tacos were only on Saturdays - and the other restaurants mentioned as "better", are not from my own experience.