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mexican food in charlotte?

Yes.im asking..lol
If you live here..you know there are a vast array of mecican places so i feel stupid asking
But.......pretty please? East side preffered..but not a must

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  1. I love La Unica....there are several locations, the only one I've ever been to is on South Blvd. Also, you MUST try this place:


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      Another vote for La Unica but I don't like the South Blvd. location. The salsa isn't like the Central Ave. and Huntersville locations and it doesn't have the world's best chicken soup either. At least not on the lunch menu.

      Carnitas Guanajuato is good too.

      1. re: HungryDonkey

        I too loved la unica..its gone though
        sighhh.well the one on central ave is anyway
        Is now crazy taco

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        FYI, Lupitas is due to open a 2nd location on South Blvd. any day now. I can't wait - it's a much easier drive than the drive to the original location on N.Tryon... but the drive is worth it either way.

        1. re: lynnlato

          Do you know where exactly they are opening on South Blvd.?

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            5316 South Blvd. They expect to open in June. You can track their progress on Facebook. The place looks pretty big. I'm wondering if they are going to have dine-in too. They've posted some renovation pics.

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              Thanks! That would be great if they did dine-in.

      3. I was sad to see the Central Ave. La Unica go. On the other hand, I quite like Carnitas Guanajuato on Albermarle these days much more. Try it!

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          Albemarle isnt too far..is it before or after idlewild?
          Not being lazy..lol.just like talking to other charlotte people with taste..k

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              Is the La Unica out on Wilkinson near 85 still open? (I think it was Wilkinson, but maybe Freedom?) I went there years ago and it was pretty good. Pretty funky though and cash only.

            2. Three Amigos on Central.

              Carnitas Guanajuato on Albemarle.

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              1. re: ickymettle

                I did like 3 amigos
                Then they seemed to have gone downhill

              2. I love Las Margaritas on Independence (by the new Wal-mart). Not the easiest strip mall to pull into but great food, great service and good prices.

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                  I take the bus mostly...prolly easier to hop off vs navigate driving on indo...awful road

                2. Personal Faves are Azteca and Zapata's Cantina by far. Both restaurants have multiple locations in the Charlotte area. I generally go to the Zapata's in the university area. The Azteca off Independence has a great atmosphere and they hand-make the guac in front of you.

                  I also really enjoy Cantina 1511 off East Blvd (1511 East blvd to be exact)--they have a really good Mexican coleslaw.

                  1. My favorite is a take-out only spot on South Blvd called El Paraiso. They are in the same strip as Manifest but at the opposite end. It's primarily a taqueria type place but they are excellent. It takes a lot of self control not to eat there for lunch every day.
                    Address is 6105 South Blvd

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                      South blvd is a pita road
                      scary by car...annoying by bus..lol
                      Manifest..i miss that lil place, havent been in forever

                      1. re: mizzdee

                        Yeah, it sucks & is to much of a pita to travel simply for lunch. I work by there, so it's easy for me. Next time you find yourself in that part of town, though, stop in.

                        1. re: phalanxausage

                          I think i shall!! Thanks
                          You know how it is...just cant get us plaza midwood freaks too far outta da hood

                    2. The SO and I tried Tres Amigos on Central Ave on Saturday. I remember a positive review in the Loaf from some time ago. First impression was not very good - the chips were a tad stale and the salsa obviously bottled. In addition, the service was extremely slow. Noting that only gringos were patronizing the place, we figured it was a triple whammy. I have to admit, however, that the tacos were very good. We each tried the asada and the So had al pastor while I tried the chicken. The waitress provided a bowl with a very nice avocado salsa that had a good zing to it.

                      My favorite will probably continue to be Tacos Mexicano on South Blvd, but I just might have to try the huevos rancheros at Tres Amigos some day