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May 29, 2012 11:48 AM

Help with Business Lunch in Newark Area

Hi Hounds!

I'm a Toronto Hound looking for a restaurant with solid food, somewhere around the Newark Airport, for a business meeting. I've looked at some other threads, but came away with options where I'm not sure if lunch is served at these establishments (some don't have websites so not even sure of opening hours)??? General criteria of my search are:

- Somewhere very close to Newark Airport, preferably just off of the I-95 or Rte 1/9
- Serves lunch (obviously :))
- Would prefer somewhere that has a nicer atmosphere, but am okay with hole-in-the-wall options as well, if that's what it takes to get good food
- No restrictions on type of cuisine or price

Any help you can offer is appreciated!


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  1. Just down 1/9 in Elizabeth, on Elizabeth Avenue, you will find the City Tavern. Good food, varied menu, not very fancy but better than a hole in the wall. A few blocks north just off 1/9 you will also find Valencia Steakhouse. Grill your humongous filet mignon on the hot rock provided and your customer will remember that lunch forever...for good reasons. I would avoid going into the Ironbound in Newark for a lunch like that...these two are 5 minutes from the airport. And by all means avoid the hotel restaurants such as Shula's Steakhouse.

    1. I second the rec of Valenca (not Valencia) and their steak on a stone....665 Monroe Avenue, Elizabeth

      1. Thanks, coldbeer and OGguy, for the recommendations -- I'll look into those. I'm also wondering about Seabras Marisqueira... I see that they offer lunch. Atmosphere-wise, is it appropriate for a business lunch?

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          Newark Airport is located more closely to the businesses in Elizabeth than downtown Newark, where Seabra's is. So you would need to find your way around more city streets if you went into Newark proper; take Rt. 21 from the airport and you will be in the Ironbound (Portuguese neighborhood) within 10 minutes. The worst part of going to either Elizabeth or Newark Ironbound will be dealing with the tangle of roads right outside the airport.

          Both places mentioned (Valenca and Seabra's) tend to be bustling, not very fancy places - worth visiting but I'm not sure if sedate enough for a meeting. If you want an Ironbound place that would be more reserved you might try Casa Seabra (I think the same owners as the Marisqueira) on Jefferson St. or maybe Allegro at 58 Kossuth.

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            Hmm... thanks for the input. I think Seabras Maresquiera should be okay. My meeting leans more on the side of a networking/social call than a bona fide business luncheon.

            1. re: Juniper

              Then Maresquiera would be perfect!! Fwiw, you could also take the train from the airport right to Newark Penn Station instead of driving (faster, cheaper, easier)! The back doors of Newark Penn lead right out to Ferry Street and you'd have to walk all of four blocks. TOTALLY safe to do, btw.