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May 29, 2012 11:40 AM

October Grand Birthday dinner in Paris

We have greatly enjoyed dinner at le Cinq on our past two trips to Paris and were beyond pleased. The food, the service, and the decor is beyond compare. This time we are wanting to try something different, my first thought was Guy Savoy - but I am leaning against it do to the setting. We are looking for a beautiful room along with great food!

I am now down to Alain Ducasse or Taillevent. Any Thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. I celebrated my 60th with lunch at Taillevent, and it was magical. However, it was a while ago, and M. Vrinat was there to light the candle on my birthday cake.

    1. Take a look at Les Ambassadeurs, room almost as nice as Le Cinq, but no windows.

      1. For beautiful rooms, Le Meurice, Lassere, definitely Les Ambassadeurs and it does have windows looking out to the Pl de la Concorde. And if one like tapestries, heavy curtains, chandeliers, flowers, the three small rooms at L'Ambroisie might qualify.
        Alain Ducasse: depend on ones taste.
        The two main rooms at Taillevent are tastefully decorated but not grande. The first room was completely redone couple years ago. It has high ceiling and the grand staircase to the upstair private rooms. The second room facing r Lamennais has always been the same, wood paneling and club like. The main advantage it has over Guy Savoy is that each room is much larger, feels roomier and better for people watching. Guy Savoy has better art.
        As for great food, that is a complicated issue.

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          How about Epicure at Le Bristol, It is a 3 star, it has a grand room and I believe they have a set lunch at €130 (needs checking). Few if any reports on the board despite it being one of the newer 3 stars in Paris in one of Paris's top hotels.

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            For the last year the facade of the Crillon on the Concorde side has been under major repair, the two times l went, there were no windows, they were covered.

          2. If you do choose Taillevent, the main room (Lamennais) can get unbearably noisy and crowded. We were literally bumping elbows with our neighbours the last time (and it will be "the last time"); as the restaurant fills up, the will slide tables into the banquettes at extremely close quarters. If you want some semblance of privacy, ask for a table at the Trianon room (the first room per PBSF's email).

            As for great food, there are far better places. From a food perspective, I do not know how many would favour Taillevent over even the likes of Ducasse (I am a fan, but he seems to polarise opinion!).

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              Re: Tallaivent
              Certain sections of the Lamennais room can be tight. Personally, I hate to sit side by side in some of their two tops. The staff have to shift the table when one needs to get up. Ask for one of the three roomy 'booths' against the left wall.

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                Same, my wife and I were there to celebrate a special occasion, and they gave us one of those tables. They slid in couples on either side of us and I found myself in closer physical proximity to the adjacent guests than my wife. They did entertain my request to move to the Trianon room, but that was the last semblance of hospitality that evening. Food was very ordinary, basic mistakes in technique and not great quality ingredients. The clincher was when their sommelier pretended that the two-page wine list was the only selection they had available. At least they had the courtesy to appear embarrassed when I reminded them I had visited before.

            2. Thank you all...I made a reservation at Taillevent, but I think we will once again return to le Cinq, I am usually open to adventure, but at these price levels I think I will be at ease with the familiar. At least I know the flowers, the decor, the staff will be exceptional...and I have always raved about the food as well.

              We are also hoping on trying Frenchie and the new wine bar from the owners of Hidden Kitchen (we loved hidden HK).