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May 29, 2012 11:21 AM

What would you make with canned fruit syrups?

I can my own peaches and pears and I hate to see all that lovely, fruity flavoured sugar syrup go down the drain. Aside from drinking it, which my best friend's dad used to do, I'm stumped.

The peaches are in medium syrup (5 cups water to 3 cups sugar) the pears in light (5:1). Each quart jar yields about a cup of syrup at the end.


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  1. I'd mix them with seltzer and serve over ice.
    Freeze in ice trays and use in punch or puree and eat as sorbet.
    Maybe sub the syrup for liquids in cake batters. Just use less sugar in the recipe.

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      mmmm.....I make a wicked fruit punch when there's a group of cubes would be perfect, just the right amount. TX!

    2. Add some herbs and make a glaze for a ham.

      1. Sangria?

        From a scene in a movie (Lola Versus) where an elderly couple ordered Sangria in an Italian restaurant... The elderly gentleman suggested dumping a can of fruit cocktail into a pitcher of wine. :-)

        On a more serious note, you essentially have a simple syrup. Cocktails come to mind. I'd look for recipes that call for "simple syrups". Icing for bundt cake... etc.

        1. On Jacques Pepin's Fast Food My Way - he turned the canned peach syrup into a caramel by heating in a skillet. Added heavy cream and canned peaches into skillet. Then popped thing into fridge to cool. Remember thinking how amazing it was to make something great with the not-so-great canned fruit my parents used to feed us. Found link to recipe:

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            I've printed this one and put it in the camper! I'm a shameless show-off at the camp stove: won't it be fun to create this nonchalantly out of only two ingredients....;-)))

          2. I agree with Miri1, mix with seltzer on ice.
            You can make a gelatin salad with it, and add your canned fruits.
            Mix with any fruit juice. It would be great with unsweetened pure cranberry juice.

            My favorite, drink it cold, straight out of the jar!