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May 29, 2012 10:50 AM

Polish picnics this summer?

Sliding over from the Boston board, which has some listings for Greek, Portuguese, and other festivals, I was wondering if anyone has info on Polish picnics, which these days are more likely found around Worcester and in CT. Anyone?

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  1. There are two church festivals every summer that spring to mind. The first is Our Lady of Czestochowa in Coventry, RI at 445 Washington Street (or 230 MacArthur Blvd, the entrance to the parking lot near their old schoo)l. They always have pierogi, golombki, kielbasa, cabbage soup, and American burgers, dogs, clamcakes and torpedos (equivalent to a Woonsocket Dynamite/similar to a hotter Sloppy Joe). They'll have a polka band and dance floor and lots of games of chance. Its usually around July 14th but I was just looking for the date and it's a month earlier than usual - June 22nd to 24th.

    If you're going for the food, don't go too late in the day. Here's the routine. They serve meals in the school cafeteria, and you can buy frozen Polish food to bring home and cook. I think they serve the same thing at the booth outside, but maybe it's just kielbasi sandwiches there. Anyway, it's a three day picnic, and they will stop selling at a certain point each day to make sure they have enough for the whole weekend.

    The other big Polish church picnic I'm aware of is St Adalberts, 466 Atwells Ave Providence. Here's a link to their website - I've only been to their picnic once and a quick glance at their website didn't yield any picnic dates so I'll leave that research up to you!