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May 29, 2012 10:32 AM

New Bourdain Show on CNN

So, does this mean that he is leaving Travel Channel?

Also, are we going to get all of the places he has already been to only repackaged for CNN?

And, most importantly, is Zamir coming with him?

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  1. Read this on Eater LA
    It's official: Anthony Bourdain is leaving the Travel Channel behind and is headed to CNN. It's the end of No Reservations, the Emmy award-winning series that has run for eight seasons (the premiere was July 25, 2005). Bourdain tweeted that the production company Zero Point Zero will come along for the ride: "Moving with same ZPZ crew over to CNN to do another world travel show. Congo? Libya? Finally?"

    It was confirmed from ZPZ that the current season of No Reservations on Travel Channel will be its last; currently the second season of The Layover is in production and will air on the Travel Channel. Reached for comment, Bourdain tells Eater: "Same production team, same amazing crew, same me--but the world just got a whole lot bigger."

      1. Not looking forward to this. Seems like it might have too much of a news/documentary feel to it and it will get too serious.

        And it being a weekend show versus a weekday show will hurt. Will they really allow him to smoke, swear and drink on CNN...the things that make Bourdain tick.

        I enjoyed the rogue nature of A Cook's Tour much more than No Reservations, and I predict Bourdain will be more of a correspondent reflecting on problems in the world rather than fun food critic documenting food around the world.

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        1. re: Xericx

          I imagine it will not change that much. Bourdain has not smoked in a long time, so that is not much of an issue. I think the change between a Cook's Tour and No Reservations (and the changes in NR over the years) are just due to changes in AB, not so much in what corporate big whigs asked. He has matured, had a kid etc. I mostly look forward to this because I don't get the travel channel, but I get CNN.....

          1. re: dbrodbeck

            "Somalia is really bumming me out this morning, let's see if this beer is any good. Mmmm"

            1. re: SteveRB

              Hopefully he will travel with Anderson Cooper to places like Syria and while Anderson reports on the killing Anthony can get drunk with the locals that are being bombed.

        2. Hopefully, they can upgrade his alcohol budget.

          1. I'm getting old: I remember when CNN was a news channel.