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May 29, 2012 10:05 AM

Michael Gennaros Steakhouse - Fairfield, CT

Sounds like a classic pricey steak house. If anyone goes, let us know if $46 filet mignon and $10 side of asparagus is worth it. Looks like ribbon-cutting is tonight. Pictures look incredible.

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  1. WOW!!
    Does Fairfield County really need another obscenely expensive steak house???

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    1. re: lsnhc

      no, what Fairfield county needs is a really good steakhouse, the price is secondary.

      Some nights I really don't feel like drivving to Brooklyn/Peter Luger's...........................

      1. re: bagelman01

        Agree. I've always wondered why there wasn't a good, prime steakhouse in Fairfield.

        Their website map shows that this is somewhere on the Post Rd between King & I and Luigi's. What space did it take?

        1. re: foleyd7

          It took over the old Nuvo Lounge, which was Lupita's prior to that. Decent location, even though it is a strip mall, that has generally fared well for restaurants.

          Agreed - the prices do appear steep, but the size of the cuts are rather large. Hope it works out.

          1. re: fcmenutalk

            HOLY S#@*T. with those prices only the people who live in Farfield county could afford it.
            they definatly don't want any out of town low lifes in that place.give me Chuck's Steakhouse any day.

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      1. Anyone been?? I'm dying to know.

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        1. re: fcmenutalk

          I went the other day....Very limited menu, nothing to brag about. You could get better prices w/ great choices and outside dining at Old Post Tavern in Fairfield. Their steak & chops are much tastier and priced better. ( plus the menu has a TON more choices, w/fresh seafood daily ). THANK-YOU!! Save you're money.

          1. re: temilove

            Can you report on what you had?
            I've found that at most steakhouses, the star of the show is the plain prime meats (porterhouse, ribeye, filet, etc) and that the other entrees (including seafood) are usually not up to the same high standard as the prime meat.
            It would be disappointing to hear that their prime meat was not the star.

            As for riffjamer's comment above about price, you shouldn't compare Chuck's to a "Prime" steakhouse. Chuck's doesn't have prime rated meat; very few places do. The prices listed at Gennaro's are in line with other Prime steakhouses, including Joseph's in Bridgeport and the chains in-and-around CT (Ruths Chris, Mortons).

            1. re: foleyd7

              Without a doubt Blackstones in Norwalk is the closest thing to Peter Lugers in Fairfield County. I've been eating at Lugers in Brookkyn since the 70's but there is no reason to make the haul!

              1. re: Bshap63

                Disagree, I've been eating at Peter Luger's in Brooklyn since the 50s and definitely have reason to make the trip. Blackstones serves a mighty fine steak, but IMHO the Porterhouse at Blackstones does not equal that at Peter Luger's.

                If I'm having ribeye or strip, Then Joseph's in Bridgeport is my in county choice.

                1. re: bagelman01

                  If I am in the mood for a great steak without the 3 hour r/t drive I'm going to Blackstones. No debate about Lugers and it's place in the NY area hall of fame! Used to be a Joseph's fan until I started going to Blackstones. I just enjoy the whole experience which inckudes IMHO friendlier service. It's just amazing to me how few in the Westport-Weston-Fairfield area know about Blackstones. I'm just glad I'm so close!

                  1. re: Bshap63

                    Living upcounty, I can be at Josephs in 10 minutes, If I'm driving as far as Norwalk, I just continue on to NY. That said, should I find myself in Norwalk supper time and desiring staek, Blackstones is a good choice. A far better choice than Morton's or Capital Grille in Stamford.

                2. re: Bshap63

                  Maybe a little off - but the Knickerbocker Grill on University Place in NYC is also worth the drive for their T-bone. I don't know if it is prime or not, but they understand Black & Blue! Tender too.

                  Joseph's in Bridgeport acceptable when you consider driving into NYC as an alternative.
                  Acceptable in my book is in the medium to high praise category.
                  If you like driving 90 minutes or so on I-95, the endorphins manufactured by a prime steak dinner has to be massive enough so that the glow lasts when you toss off your shoes at home!

                  1. re: algct

                    Love Knickerbocker on Christmas Eve. Not only is it open (with reservations) but if as Friday or Sat night there's jazz, great steaks, service and totally fun vibe.

          2. Ate at Michael Gennaros in Fairfield last night. Place was empty but a rainy Sunday.

            Pleasant attractive restaurant with well spaced tables.

            Service fine.../hard to tell in empty restaurant.

            Food just average perhaps a bit lower. Some things OK. Wines fairly priced.
            Food expensive and not worth the charges. NY Strip Steak appeared smaller than advertised 18 ounces. But did have a bone. Steak softer than I like. Fried onions are really sauteed. No good steakhouse potatoes. Just mashed and french fried. Creamed spinach OK.

            Willet House was better. Cant compare to NY Sparks, etc. Ruths Chris better.

            Owner trying hard to make it work.