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May 29, 2012 10:02 AM

15 East alternative?

Can't get a reservation for 15 East for my big bday. What is a good alternative? Kyo Ya? Anything else?

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  1. Yasuda or Kuruma Zushi for sushi; Kyo Ya or Sugiyama for kaiseki.

    You should also consider Brooklyn Fare which isn't Japanese but very much inspired by that aesthetic.

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      I agree with your recs, but the OP didn't mention when his or her birthday is, If it is this week, forget about Brooklyn Fare and Kyo Ya.
      I'll add to the list, Kano Yama, Brushstroke ( kaiseki or sushi), Sushi Azabu, Jewel Bako. Soto

    2. I'll second Yasuda for sushi; I just had an amazing experience there a couple weeks ago. We went for lunch. I didn't see omakase on the menu, but asked the chef to choose for us anyway. He proceeded to feed us fresh, bright, clean, wonderful sushi. I'm too embarrassed to tell you how much we ate, but it was wonderful. Not cheap, mind you, but worth every penny. It was almost like a vertical tasting - eel from two different places, fixed slightly differently, etc. Really fabulous.

      We also had a great lunch at 15 East a few months back. if I was forced to compare, I'd say 15 East is bit more refined? Not even sure if that's the right word- both were great. You won't suffer at Yasuda.

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        Judging from flickr pictures, 15 East takes after more of the trappings and expectations of western formal dining. For instance the flatware, course structure (amuses and petits fours), and the desserts. Even the restaurant name conveys a sense of fusion.

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          <Even the restaurant name conveys a sense of fusion.>

          The restaurant's address is 15 E. 15th St. I don't think there's any more to its name than that. Maybe I'm underthinking it, though.

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            The dining experience there varies for everyone who eats there. They will customize your meal progression based on what you communicate to them, and the staff's almost psychic powers. I've eaten there many times and yet to be given any flatware unless you count chopsticks as flatware.