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May 29, 2012 09:40 AM

Cheese Steaks?

Where are the best cheese steaks in Atlanta. I know about Roy's in Smyrna
but Smyrna is not Atlanta. I don't want to drive from Northlake area all the way
to Smyrna for a sandwich.

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  1. Mad Italian near n peachtree at 285. They fly in rolls from chilly daily

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    1. re: bobstripower

      Thanks Bob, I have always been a Mad Italian fan but the one on Savoy, at least the last time
      I was there, was a dirty dump. The sandwich was fine, but the interior was ghastly.

      1. re: jethro stella

        ive been going therefor 25 years about 2 X per month, and its old but not dirty--tables have always been clean. bathrooms fine--my wife wont go to places with bad bathrooms--its surely not a foodie place, but in my experience its not dirty,just old--you can always eat outside if need be -- heres a link to yelp they too mention the dump thing--im sure im older than you, but Ive eaten in far dumpier looking places in search of good food--if its clean Im good--even Rathbuns failed a health inspection a few weeks ago--mad italian has never failed one, so im good as long as the food is great

        1. re: bobstripower

          I don't know about age bob, but I'm 55. How about you? And I don't eat in trendy
          places. Too much douchebaggery.

      2. re: bobstripower

        I second Mad Italian! It's the only one that stands out in my mind, though Reuben's downtown does well for a nontraditional Philly. I like the extra toppings options there.

      3. Woody's across monroe from Grady high