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May 29, 2012 09:40 AM

Cevapi in Northeast Florida?

I am trying to find a place that will either ship cevapi and the bread and akvar (please pardon spelling). My daughter in law is Bosnian and coming to visit = I'd love to surprise her but cannot find any. HELP

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  1. i've made my own cevapcici (sp?) patties or meatballs many times. easy!

    1. Balkana at 84th Ave. in Pinellas Park has everything you are looking for including bottled water from Bosnia.

      1. When I crave cevapi, here's where I go. Hope they are still around - it has been awhile... Real Mom & Pop place, more takeout than sit down. If your DIL is in town, take her here - it'll be like old home week.